Integration Of Radio Channel Embedded Code Option In Your Blog

Hello friends hope your weekend had been quite relaxing and energizing. Well friends being a computer savvy person you must be well aware of the fact that despite of being serving as source of various information Internet can also be used as the main source of entertainment, enriching users to play, watch videos, and listen online songs on radio while working on computer. Then how our blog can be deprived from this feature that will enrich our readers to listen their favorite music while reading your blog. Therefore today I thought to discuss  How to insert embed Radio Channel Code Widget in blogger new interface. In-fact to be honest before proceeding further let me confess the reason which inspired me to think on this subject. Actually few days while I was surfing for some information on internet that same question was asked by one of the online reader named Miss Rashmi Talwar. Her this question encouraged me to research on this subject and therefore am sure our this discussion will not only enhance our knowledge but may be also beneficial to Ms. Rashmi.

To begin with,  you need to decide that which radio channel you want to embed on your blog i.e, whether you want to integrate English radio channel. Hindi, Chinese, or Pop music radio channel, depending upon your requirement. There are various web portals that are providing facility of integrating radio channel feature in your blog. For your convenience I shall try to provide information regarding such websites that facilitate bloggers to insert radio channel embedded code in their blogs.

To begin let us talk about a Pakistani website that is providing embed code for integration radio channel. Generally this provides entertainment in Urdu language. For enabling code from this website you need to go to and then to your blog and move to Add a new Post, where you are required to paste the code that particular radio channel at option of post body:


While talking about Pakistani radio channels there are different embed codes for different radio channels being broadcasted from Pakistan. For instance :
                                          FM 106 for Pakistan Embed Code

<iframe align="middle" style="background-color:#000000" src="" frameborder="0" height="95" width="350" scrolling="no"></iframe>
                                           FM 100 for Lahore Embed Code

<iframe align="middle" style="background-color:#000000" src="" frameborder="0" height="95" width="350" scrolling="no"></iframe>

And various others. After placing code in your blog you are free to publish your post and can view the changes made. For integration of other International radio station embed codes you can visit  and enjoy services of various International radio channels.

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