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Protection through password is regarded as the major tool of protecting your documents in cyber world. Then why our blogger community should be deprived from this weapon. Going through this concern of bloggers renowned blog vicentcheung has designed an interesting script for blogger blogspot. The worth mentioning feature adorned in this script is that it can hide any content of your blog or your whole blog in an encrypted code that can be seen only when your readers know about the password. This helpful in hiding the unwanted texts from irregular readers. This script is considered as security tool which can be accessed only when reader is blessed with password. Today our discussion will be based on How to protect your post with password in blogger?

To begin as usual login to and click on your blog. Now begin the following exercise as follows:

Step 1: Now go to HTML widget and copy the code as mentioned below

Step 2: Now go to encrypt page where four boxes will appear which will be as follows

  •  The yellow color box is known as key box 
  • The green color box is known as plain text box
  • The red color box is known as cipher text box
  • The blue color box is known as HTML code box
  • Now go key box and enter password of your choice

  • Now paste the code in plain text box which is copied from blogger post editor


  • Once you have pasted the above mentioned code then click on encrypt button mentioned below plain text


  • Once you have clicked on encrypt option copy the code mentioned in HTML code box

Step 3: Once you have copied the code go back to blogger and then click on create post. Now under HTML tab placed under blogger post editor paste the HTML code that you have copied previously. All these changes should be done carefully under HTML tab .


By following above mentioned exercise you can protect your blog with password .

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