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In current scenario social networking websites have become life line for Internet users and people spend long hours  on these websites, as the result of which every latest event or any new comment does not remain new for long time and soon as it takes place its news from any of registered member is posted on these networking websites. Going through these benefits of networking websites, from long time need of linking these websites with blogs was felt needed as it may increase number of your readers. And finally these need came true on September 22, 2011, premier social networking website finally introduced “Recommendation Bar” designed in beta version. This is the facility to readers of your blog with other recommended articles. Lets see How to add Facebook Recommendation Bar to blogger 2012?

The application will avoid load on your page and forwards to other article once the reader reaches at particular position after reading your article. It would be interested to know that Facebook provides link of only those articles that had been liked and shared earlier on Facebook. The likes of particular article are shown at the end of every article followed by page title and thumbnail. It is supported by feature namely like button whereas other option Add to Timeline has been eliminated from application. The recommendation bar is different from Recommendation box offered by Facebook, the new application will enable reader to spent time on your page resulting in increase in number of page views, page impressions and finally the traffic. With this new application Facebook can also recommend posts and widgets that were posted by you earlier.

If you are using wordpress for posting your blog than this tutorial will be of great benefit to you. However before adding Facebook Recommnedations Bar to Wordpress it would be right answer that might arise in your mind. That will this be helpful in increasing traffic on your blog? An answer to this in single word is undoubtedly YES. In our general practice we do not install any kind of plugin in our blogs and install them when there are chances of getting any kind of earnings from them or it provides some traffic to our blog. Integration of recommendation bar will generate positive impact on readers as it facilitates them to see what their friends and others earlier liked in your blog and as human nature they would also try to have looked on that also. Google Plus Button displays recommendations made by friends whereas this recommended bar with exhibit likes of your blog.

Installation of this feature can be easily installed on BlogSpot Blogs and Wordpress but only after going through today’s tutorial. The process does not involve any lengthy process for instance Open Graph Meta Tags. An important thing to keep in concern is posting of code in correct form. There are two steps that you to have follow (1) Creation of Facebook Application and (2) Integration of Recommendation bar on your blog.

Let us Start with first step i.e. Creation of Facebook Application: This will involve following step and will consume very little seconds in absence of which recommendation will not work. So let us begin our mission:

1. Log into Facebook applications;

2. Click on create new application option that is placed at top right of your page;

3. In the box that appears you have to type “My Recommendation” at the option application name and let other options remain as default. And click on continue option;

4. Now enter the captcha code and click on submit option;

5. Once above mentioned exercise is complete you are close to you application. Now click on Website with Facebook login tab and place URL of your blog inside the input box. This will appear as below. It is advised not to click on other option and just save the changes made;


6. Once you have saved the changes you will find series of alpha-numerical characters. The first series is ID for application and the other is Application secret. Now just copy the ID of application and save it in notepad because it will be used later;


So now finally your application is ready and you can smoothly shift to second step i.e, installation of recommendation bar. For this you need to follow following steps.

1. Go to Template widget of blogger;

2. Take backup of your template;

3. Move to Edit HTML widget and click on proceed option;

4. Search for this;


5. Replace this with the below mentioned code:

           <html xmlns:fb=’’

This plug is compatible even with earlier version of I.E. Because blogger template are supported by XML therefore integration of XML namespace will enrich the performance of plugin.

> Now search for <body> and below that paste the code mentioned below: However it is important to mention the if you are working on new blogger templates for instance simple, awesome Inc., travel, watermark or picture window that search <body rather than <body>. Paste the code just below the tag.


> You have almost finished your job. But before that make the following changes.

 1. Replace 363039730450428 with your 15 digit App Id which is saved while carrying the first step;

 2. Replace with your blog link;

> Now save all the changes and now go to your blog and scroll it almost half page and then wait only for 10 seconds during plugin will expand. Now see the changes, your recommendation bar is activated.

Apart from above mentioned steps there are few optional steps which can be skipped:

> Max age: This decides the age limit of articles in simple terms this determines that for how long period or day your article will be displayed say between 1 and 180 days. However if you are not interested to take advantage of this option you can mention age limit as 0;

> Num recommendation: This will enable you fix how many articles will be displayed;

> Read time: This option will enable the reader that as soon as he reaches to particular position the plug in expands automatically but will take requisite time of expand;

> Side: This enables you to decide the position of your plug, normally it is placed at right side of bottom this can be changed into left;

> Trigger: This will enable your plugin expand as soon as reader reaches to specific position. This position can be determined in three ways onvisible, X% and manual. However it is suggested to fix the trigger at X% for clear visibility. This plugin will expand as the reader reads 40% of your article;

> This widget will appear on posted pages and not on homepage. For displaying it on all pages you need to delete purple bold lines.

Troubleshooting: Now because as not all templates are not properly designed and therefore require installation of meta tags enabling the Facebook to search correct page titles, thumbnails and blog title. For this just paste the following code below <head> tag in your template.


Now save your template and see the changes that whether it correctly displays page titles on your blog and Facebook. Am sure by going through this tutorial you had learned the process of integrating Facebook recommendation bar.

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