Integration Of Designer Subscribe Now Option Into Your Blog

Hello friends, I am sure everything is going fine at your side. friends as a computer savvy person while surfing on various websites posting different articles you would have noticed a widget named as “Subscribe Now”. The main logic behind integrating this widget is to enable article reader to get updates regarding any kind of new upgrade information related to blog directly to their mail address. Thus, integration of this widget is beneficial for both reader and for publisher. While integrating Subscribe Now option you can also adhere it with other features comprising RSS Feed, Email Subscription, Facebook, etc. all these features will assist you in increasing traffic on your blog. Going through these incredible benefits of this widget, I decided that today we shall discuss the method of Adding a Dashing Subscribe Now Box to Blogger. But before that you should learn that this option will be adorned with features like:

  • It will have RSS feed feature
  • Facebook Option
  • RSS email subscription opion
  • It will be linked with Twitter
  • It will be linked with Google Plus Page of your account.

Once you get familiar with integration process of all above mentioned features let us start integration of Subscribe Now option.

First go to and then to YourBlog and move to Layout option and then move to add a Gadget widget and move to Add HTML/Javascript option and then paste the code mentioned below:


For other changing your settings you need to integrate following changes according to your requirements.

Integration of your Facbook URL

Go for after which replace it with URL of your facebook account.

Adding URL of your Twitter account

Go for and replace it with your Twitter URL.

For adding RSS Feed URL

Search for and replace it with your RSS Feed URL.

Integration of Email Subscription URL

Search for and then as mentioned above replace it with URL of your feed.

For integration of your Google Plus Page URL

Go for and shift it with URL of your Google plus page.

Once all these changes have been made you need to save them and see the changes. Well friends before we close our discussion let me tell you that if still you find any difficulty in enhancing display of your Subscribe Now option you are free to get back to me.

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