How To Find Widget ID In Blogger

Today our topic of tutorial is going to be very interesting. Before that I would like to ask you a simple question tell me are you satisfied with color combination text in your widgets on the sidebar. I am sure you are well aware that it is managed by stylesheet and you can also discover the code of sidebar. But if any how you change the code of sidebar it will change whole look of sidebar. But tell me if you want to affect one particular widget how you will do that.  To target on How To Find Widget ID In Blogger 2012? For this you need an ID assigned to particular widget. Once you know this id :

  • You can use this ID as key for determining the style of widget (For using this key you have to use sign “#” before your widget ID like this #YourWidgetID { };
  • This key can be used with Javascript get ElementByld method to check the content of widget

If you are adding widget through Add A Gadget link mentioned in Pages Elements, than an ID for widget will be automatically created by Blogger, without even letting you the ID. However you can find ID by searching it in the HTML code for template. There is also one process which is more easy and simple and there will be requirement for going into HTML code for template. This can be done going through the following steps:

1. Go to Layout (old interface: Design > Page Elements) and check  widget which you want change;


2. By clicking on the Edit link a widget configuration window will appear on your screen like this:


3. You will find a URL just at the top of the widget window. Our victim is hidden somewhere in this URL;

4. To search it you need to maximize the window;

5. This will provide you clear view of URL;


The URL will be like this:§ionId=sidebar-right-1&widgetType=null&widgetId=HTML8

Here ends your search titled as sectioneId=sidebar-right-1 and widget ID is HTML8 (again mentioned in red). You will notice the URL also depicts your blogID= 3779116421520223504.

This completes your tutorial section for today. For any queries you are free to contact me.

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