Hiding Your Name From Your Blog By Hiding Posted by Option From Blog

Friends you will agree that it is nature of human personality that he feels happy if he sees his name posted on some reputed platform, and when your name is posted on platform which can be accessed throughout the world the happiness reaches at peak. The same is with blog writing. It is desire of every blogger that not only his blog grabs more traffic and appreciation from readers. This provides recognition to his blog and equally to his name because every blogger writes his name at the end of his blog. But there are some blogs where a blogger does not want his name to be displayed, say for instance blog written for electrical equipments. Normally no blogger intends to see his name at the end of such blogs. You have facility of integrating options of time, comments and easily without any trouble according to your choice. This can be viewed in the following picture.


Now the question arises How To Remove Posted By In Blogger blogspot? This does not require any hi-tec procedure but can be done by following just few simple steps:

Step 1 : Login to Blogger.com and choose the blog from which you wish to hide your name or posted by option;

Step 2 : Now click on ‘Edit’ widget mentioned under posts, where you have facility of configuring all gadgets that appear on your blog;


Step 3 : After performing above mentioned step a new window will appear on your computer system that will enable you to configure blog posts, the window will appear like this:


Step 4 : Now as the fourth step you just have uncheck on the option of “Posted by” as shown in picture displayed above.
This finishes your mission of removing “Posted by” option from your blog. Hope you find it quite easier to carry it out.

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