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As a blog writer you must aware regarding the importance of blog header because it can be considered as the first replica for your blog which depicts the essence of your blog. While you write a blog on Blogger the blog header is already placed  on the top of your blog page. But sometimes it is possible that you may not like the design of blog header and wish to customize it according to your own choice. Blogger blesses its writers to customize their blog header in the way they want it to appear. 

Generally as soon as you create your blog on Blogger, title of your blog appears on the header set by default. But if you feel that it is not according to your requirement than you can customize it according to your requirements. Blogger Lets you customize your header in following ways:

  •  Show blog Title and Description on header
  • Show blog Title with background header image
  • Display background header image along with  blog Title and its summary
  • Integrating Image as header
  • Summary of blog with header image

Today through this tutorial I endeavor to clear all your doubts related with customization of header by using all possible options. This can be done by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Go to Dashboard of Blogger;

Step 2: Click on the title of your blog;

Step 3: Move on Layout option;

Step 4: You will find Header element placed below Favicon element;

Note: You will find that your header element will be labeled with name of your blog followed by header.

Step 5: Click on Edit link in reply to header element;

Step 6: Now as soon as you click on Edit link a configuration window of your header will appear. 

Now you can either mention title of your blog and its summary or place some suitable picture that depicts content of your blog. You can also merge all three of them i.e., title of your blog, its brief description and supporting image.

In coming paragraphs we shall learn how header can be customized with different options.


Enter blog title and description of your blog in respective fields.

Note: If you want to add only title of your blog leave the field of description blank.

Display of Your blog Title, Description And Image:

  •  Ensure that you have mentioned blog title and blog description in their respective fields; here it is to keep in concern that for displaying only title of your blog you have leave field of description blank.
  • You can either upload image either from your system or if you want to upload image from web then paste its URL. Here it would be important to mention that if image which you have integrated is larger than width of blog than you can click on shrink to fit option before you mention the URL or upload image from your system. The shrink option will automatically adjust the header.
  • Now opt for behind title and description option placed below placement.

Integrating Image as Header:


As mentioned above photo can be uploaded either from computer or by pasting URL of image taken from web.

 Important Points to be keep in concern

1.  If the image which you have inserted is larger than the width of your blog than you have facility of shrink to fit option before downloading photo either from any of option i.e., downloading from computer or from web.

2.  If you are working on blogger dynamic view, the header image should be 65 pixels high.

3.  Select Instead of title and description under placement.

Integrating header Image and Description of Blog below Image


  • Following the same process as mentioned above upload image either from computer or select it from web. For this paste the URL of browser from where you have downloaded the image.  Here I would like to tell you that keep following first two precautions as mentioned above.
  • Now move to have description placed after the image option that is available under placement option.

Now you are in the final stage:

Save header element and have look at your blog, you will find your blog header totally different from the default blog header.


  1. The default header is pretty ugly. Thanks for showing me how to change it. Perhaps you could do a post one day on how to stylize your header to fit with the background and font.

  2. Welcome , You can shoot me comment when ever you need help with this ....


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