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Hello friends hope you had a refreshing weekend. As a blog writer you will agree that working on blogger is the best place to write a blog and almost every publishes makes full advantage of grabbing huge traffic on it, however on the other side there are some users which are making misapplication of this and posting worst comment about your blog.  This increases problem for innocent publishers because such visitors post their comments in huge number. In all these situations every publisher wishes that he should get some magic stick by which he can remove all such adverse comments. Of-course this feature can be enjoyed while working on WordPress which facilitates publishers to edit or remove unwanted comments. But now while working on blogger XML you can enjoy it as well. Lets see  How to Edit/Change your visitors comments in blogger .

Step 1: To carry out first step you need to be a technical person because this method requires appropriate technical knowledge. Therefore as the first step you need to take back up of your blog that is saved in XML format. For this you need to login to and then go to setting option of your blog. In setting widget move to others option and click on export blog icon and download blog.



Step 2: Once your blog completes download, you have open downloaded file in notepad. Once file is opened in notepad it will display all comments. Now according to your choice you amend the comments according to your choice. It will also enhance you to write name of commenter to your blog.

Step 3:  Moving ahead if you want to delete any URL of some website you need to search for name of commenter while your blog is downloaded in notepad. 

For instance commenter named Rahu Jain has posted comment on your blog followed by URL To remove this URL mentioned below name of commenter you just need to search for name Rahul Jain.  Once you find name of commenter it will appear like it.

    <name>Rahul Jain</name><uri></uri>

Now you need to remove URL and place URL of your blog and save the commands executed. After which your URL code will appear like this.

<name>Rahul Jain</name><uri></uri> 

It is important to mention that do not forget to remove with  your websites url.

Apart from above mentioned steps. The next step which is more tactful is to delete all comments directly. For getting backup for your blog move to and go to your blog and select setting widget and select other and option for import blog and move your blog.


  1. Neat! I didn't realize it was so easy to edit comments. Hope I don't get edited! ;)


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