How to Install Disqus Comment Platform On Blogger

As a blog writer you must be always interested for feedback from your readers and this facility is provided by comment section integrated in your blog. This enables you to have direct dialogue with your readers. In certain cases this dialogue results in long chat between writer and reader. This facilitates your readers to share their views more clearly with blogger. The blogger expedites its bloggers with facility of comment on each page of your blog post from their readers. In one of our earlier blogs we have already discussed about the persons who can comment on blog written by you.Today we will discuss How to Install Disqus Comment Platform On Blogger .

How To Add Banner Or Search Box In Blogger Header

Before starting our tutorial for today I would urge you to ask from yourself that have you properly learned the tutorials related with customizing and adding of customized header in your blog. If your answer is yes than this is going to enhance your knowledge related with additional features in your blogger header. Today we shall be discussing How To Add Banner Or Search Box In Blogger Header new interface or any other widget you want to be displayed on your blog header.

How To Find Widget ID In Blogger

Today our topic of tutorial is going to be very interesting. Before that I would like to ask you a simple question tell me are you satisfied with color combination text in your widgets on the sidebar. I am sure you are well aware that it is managed by stylesheet and you can also discover the code of sidebar. But if any how you change the code of sidebar it will change whole look of sidebar. But tell me if you want to affect one particular widget how you will do that.  To target on How To Find Widget ID In Blogger 2012? For this you need an ID assigned to particular widget. Once you know this id :

Publishing Blogs Automatically On Google Plus Pages

In the universe of social networking website Google Plus is expanding its roots dynamically because of its versatile features it is now becoming the most happening place in the world of social networking. As another leading social networking website Facebook provides feature of Fan Pages, Google has announced Google plus Page facilitating its registered users to promote their business and their brand and today I will try to sneak peek in How to Auto Publish blogger posts to Google Plus Page immediately? But as Facebook and Twitter facilitates its members to feed blogs directly on them, Google plus

Integrating Custom Header In Blogger

Hello friends, hope you must be doing well. Before starting our tutorial for today let me revert back to relevance of Blog Header of your blog which replicate the content of your blog in brief. You can also integrate an image or logo according to your requirement in your blog which reveals an idea regarding concept of your blog. Are you satisfied with this, don’t you feel that you should have freedom to customize your header rather than using the default header. If you are not satisfied with existing format of blog header than I am sure you would have definitely endeavoured to customize it according to your wish but did not succeed in  giving shape to your thinking.

Customizing Header In Blogger

As a blog writer you must aware regarding the importance of blog header because it can be considered as the first replica for your blog which depicts the essence of your blog. While you write a blog on Blogger the blog header is already placed  on the top of your blog page. But sometimes it is possible that you may not like the design of blog header and wish to customize it according to your own choice. Blogger blesses its writers to customize their blog header in the way they want it to appear. 

Customizing Read More/ Jump Buttons With Images And Other Words, Positioning Them In Different Sides

Dear friends welcome to another session of discussion. Well friends don’t you feel that although we have already learned  things regarding integration of various plug-in buttons in our blog , But still I feel that some subject is lagging and little modification in that will enhance the relevance of our blog, yes you guessed right or you can say I understood your point. I know you are definitely thinking for modifications in Read more/ jump breaks buttons into your blog. So now let us start our tutorial which focuses on Customizing Blogger Read More Links With image Buttons,

Money Making-Method 1

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Hiding Your Name From Your Blog By Hiding Posted by Option From Blog

Friends you will agree that it is nature of human personality that he feels happy if he sees his name posted on some reputed platform, and when your name is posted on platform which can be accessed throughout the world the happiness reaches at peak. The same is with blog writing. It is desire of every blogger that not only his blog grabs more traffic and appreciation from readers. This provides recognition to his blog and equally to his name because every blogger writes his name at the end of his blog. But there are some blogs where a blogger does not want his name to be displayed, say for instance blog written for electrical equipments. Normally no blogger intends to see his name at the end of such blogs. You have facility of integrating options of time, comments and easily without any trouble according to your choice. This can be viewed in the following picture.

Integration Of Facebook Like Button In Your Blog

Hello friends, before starting our tutorial today let me ask you a question, do you have an account on any of social networking websites especially on Facebook, registering on which has become the trend in current scenario. If you answer is yes than you must aware about the significance of these websites in providing suitable platform to persons with common interests for sharing their views. An interesting feature of these websites is that they can also be used by producers to promote their products on these websites and receive feedback from members by providing facility of like and dislike button. Then why we should not use this facility in our Blog. It will help you in increasing traffic on your blog as well.  Today's' subject of our tutorial is How To Add Facebook Like Box To Blogger new interface ?

Integration Of Facebook Recommendation Bar

In current scenario social networking websites have become life line for Internet users and people spend long hours  on these websites, as the result of which every latest event or any new comment does not remain new for long time and soon as it takes place its news from any of registered member is posted on these networking websites. Going through these benefits of networking websites, from long time need of linking these websites with blogs was felt needed as it may increase number of your readers. And finally these need came true on September 22, 2011, premier social networking website finally introduced “Recommendation Bar” designed in beta version. This is the facility to readers of your blog with other recommended articles. Lets see How to add Facebook Recommendation Bar to blogger 2012?

Removal of Blogger Navigation Bar

Hello friends, I feel you must also among one of them who have complain regarding helplessness of removing blogger navigation bar through your element page. If this is your question of concern than the option which I find is changing colour of previously ascertained section. However before starting our discussion of describing method of How to Remove Blogger Nav Bar in blogger new interface?, it is important to know that for what reasons you are interested or not interested to remove navigation bar from your blog.

Integration Of Page Number Navigation In Your Blog

As blogger writer you must be always concerned for designing strategy that keeps your audiences attached with you. In this regard it would be important to mention that design of your blog plays an important role in capturing huge audiences. It is the design of your blog or website that diverts audiences only to your blog or website instead of visiting other websites or reading blogs of other writers. So in our series of discussion related with improving quality of blog, today our subject of discussion is Adding Numbered Page Navigation In Blogger With Labels Optimized For Navigation. This feature will facilitate your readers to know about content of your blogs.

Removal Of Default Blogger Footer And Integration Of Your Personal Customized Footer

Writing a blog in blogger is not a difficult task but to write a blog that is effective and user friendly according to norms of SEO is difficult to write. In our today’s tutorial we shall be discussing steps of How to remove Default footer in Blogger . Various creative and professional bloggers do not like using footer available on blogger and want to integrate their personalized footer for their blog. This is possible to do by carrying just few simple steps after which the default footer from blogger will be deleted and you will be free  to design your own customized footer.

Integration Of Designer Subscribe Now Option Into Your Blog

Hello friends, I am sure everything is going fine at your side. friends as a computer savvy person while surfing on various websites posting different articles you would have noticed a widget named as “Subscribe Now”. The main logic behind integrating this widget is to enable article reader to get updates regarding any kind of new upgrade information related to blog directly to their mail address. Thus, integration of this widget is beneficial for both reader and for publisher. While integrating Subscribe Now option you can also adhere it with other features comprising RSS Feed, Email Subscription, Facebook, etc. all these features will assist you in increasing traffic on your blog. Going through these incredible benefits of this widget, I decided that today we shall discuss the method of Adding a Dashing Subscribe Now Box to Blogger. But before that you should learn that this option will be adorned with features like:

Integration Of Radio Channel Embedded Code Option In Your Blog

Hello friends hope your weekend had been quite relaxing and energizing. Well friends being a computer savvy person you must be well aware of the fact that despite of being serving as source of various information Internet can also be used as the main source of entertainment, enriching users to play, watch videos, and listen online songs on radio while working on computer. Then how our blog can be deprived from this feature that will enrich our readers to listen their favorite music while reading your blog. Therefore today I thought to discuss  How to insert embed Radio Channel Code Widget in blogger new interface. In-fact to be honest before proceeding further let me confess the reason which inspired me to think on this subject. Actually few days while I was surfing for some information on internet that same question was asked by one of the online reader named Miss Rashmi Talwar. Her this question encouraged me to research on this subject and therefore am sure our this discussion will not only enhance our knowledge but may be also beneficial to Ms. Rashmi.

Amending Comments Of Visitors On Your Blog

Hello friends hope you had a refreshing weekend. As a blog writer you will agree that working on blogger is the best place to write a blog and almost every publishes makes full advantage of grabbing huge traffic on it, however on the other side there are some users which are making misapplication of this and posting worst comment about your blog.  This increases problem for innocent publishers because such visitors post their comments in huge number. In all these situations every publisher wishes that he should get some magic stick by which he can remove all such adverse comments. Of-course this feature can be enjoyed while working on WordPress which facilitates publishers to edit or remove unwanted comments. But now while working on blogger XML you can enjoy it as well. Lets see  How to Edit/Change your visitors comments in blogger .

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