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In coming years it is speculated that blogger will prove to be the best  platform if its boots protection wall. According to recent studies it is concluded that blogger is considered as the most safest place for bloggers due to high profiled security system received from Google due to which nobody can hack its website. But still most of the bloggers are moving towards WordPress from blogger due to various repetitive tasks and chances of stealing their articles. However users of blogger are still searching for some suitable solution by which they can block the IP address of unwanted users. Today we shall be discussing  how to block an IP Address on blogspot blog 2012.

Need of blocking particular IP address: 

Normally not any bloggers likes to ban his potential readers but the problem arises when some reader infringes your blog. It therefore becomes necessary to block such readers who are infringing your blog. However such readers can still access your blog by making use of proxies that is helpful in spanking recognitions of IP address of specific computer. The main objective of designing proxy websites is to enable access of websites that restricted or cannot be accessed in any particular country, however they are being used for hacking and stealing contents from these websites.

Banning of IP Address: By following steps mentioned below you can block IP address of specific reader to your blog:

Step 1: Go to website http://toolator.com and get yourself registered with website without paying any fees: Now go for following steps;


  •  Your user name should contain characters ranging from 5 to 15
  •  Enter your email address on which verification email will be sent for making your account activation
  •  Mention blog/website link of your blog 
  •  Now accept the terms and conditions determined by the website and click on option of creating accounting that will complete your registration process

Step 2: once your registration formalities are finished you will be required to access your email address which you have provided for verification of your account. This email will contain information regarding your user name and password. Once you login to your account, website will assign you an IP blocker script in blogger blogspot blog. For that you need to do following exercise


  • Go to website code provided at the left side of your computer screen mentioned in navigation menu on toolator.com 
  •  Now you can see script, copy with CTRL+C command
  • Now go to blogger.com, select layout widget and move to add a gadget and select HTML/JavaScript
  • Paste the script code in box and click on save option


Step 3: Once you paste the IP block script, you are now able to block any user or reader trying to spank your blog or website. This can be done in following way

  • Go to block an IP  
  • Now there will be three boxes i.e., IP Addresses, redirect to and reason. You need to fill all information according to your requirement and click on block an IP option


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