Integration Of Flickr Slideshow To Enhance Relevancy Of Your Blogger Blogspot

You will agree that integration of supportive evidences in form of slideshows adds an additional flavour to your blog and enhances relevancy of your statement. Today we shall be discussing integration of flickr slideshow gadget to blogger blogspot, this discussion may be of great interest for the starters. Although there are various methods to carry out this exercise we shall be discussing two methods, as mentioned below:

Method 1:  Integrating flicker slideshow gadget to blogger when photos in photostream are not arranged properly.

Method 2:   Adding flicker slideshow gadget to blogger when photos are arranged in proper order.

Let us start our discussion with first method.

Method 1: Integrating Flicker Photostream into Slideshow Gadget in Blogger Template:

A. Login to flicker website, you will find photostream on the left side at the top of page below flicker salutation.


B. Move to your photostream link and copy the photostream id mentioned in browser as below:


C. Now in your blogger account go to design widget and select page elements.

D. Choose for add gadget option from sidebar or footer according to your choice where you are interested to display flickr slideshow.

E. Now select slideshow located in basic list from widget.

F. Select a suitable title for slideshow or leave it blank

G. Under source option use drop down menu to select flickr .

H. Under option go for username.

I. Now in username option insert your flickr photostream id. (it would be worth mentioning here that you will be able to preview slideshow if flickr photostream id is correctly inserted) .

J. As the final step save the changes and view blog displaying flickr slideshow .

Method 2: Integrating Flickr Photostream to Slideshow Gadget in Blogger:

A. Login to flickr.

B. Download photos you want to use for slideshow and organize them according to your requirement.

C. Now move to your sets in flickr and select the photo group which you plan for blogger slideshow.

D. An URL address will displayed on your screen as follows :


E. You will see that the above URL has two important parts, that will be used for creating slideshow .

                            1. Photostream – which is addressed as 86745848@N06

                            2. The id of the set is represented as 7942943944


F. Now open other browser window to login to your blogger template .

G. Move to design widget and select page elements.

H. Choose add gadget from the sidebar or footer, wherever you wish to display your flickr slideshow.

I. Select slideshow from basics widget .

J. Press the blue plus sign placed at the right of the slideshow gadget for activating and configuring your blogger flickr slideshow .

K. Decide a title for your slideshow or leave it .

L. Under source option use drop down menu to select flickr .

M. Now enter the following feed in the feed URL section : 

N. Substitute photostream id.

O. Substitute this id of the set for image which you want to display on your blog .


P. Select the speed of your slideshow .

Q. Press the save option .

R. Now go to view button to see your flickr slideshow


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