Integration Of CommentLuv On Your Blogger Blogspot

As a human nature every blogger is interested to get feedback from its potential readers and therefore expects comments from them, but unfortunately most of the bloggers are not satisfied with performance of their existing comment process. Due to various technical weaknesses their blog is not able to grab attention of readers. To overcome Google is also endeavoring very seriously but still has not achieved the expected success in this regards. However there are some options that may attract readers to leave comment on your blog but also enhance them to read comments posted by other readers. In this series a CommentLuv can be considered as a new tool that will enrich the display of your blogger comment form. This tool is commonly used in WordPress but still not used in blogger. Today our discussion will focus on integration of commentluv tool in your blogger blogspot.

Before proceeding further it would be great importance to exactly know what CommentLuv does mean. In simple terms it can be defined as tool that enriches the reader of your blog by linking them to your new blog. Integration of this tool has its own benefits as readers of your blog would be interested to know what comments have been posted by others regarding your blog, this will be beneficial from SEO point. Now discussion on How To Enable CommentLuv on Blogger new interface. in following steps:

Step 1: The first step in this process is use of third party website. The third party website agreement will enable you to acquire source code for this tool. For this you need to visit and get yourself registered with it.


Step 2: Get yourself registered with website by filling the registration form. It would be important to mention here that click on icon of installing Intense Debate on my Blog or website.


Step 3: Once you get yourself registered with website, login to it and go to page and then insert link of your blog in which you want to insert CommentLuv and move forward for next step.


Step 4. Open your blogger account and choose the blog in which you are interested to instead to insert intense Debate in blogs.Click the arrow and press template icon.

  •  Now move on backup/restore icon located in top right of your screen
  •  You will find an icon asking you to download the full template and save the file at your desired location
  • Now move back to previous section and choose the file which you had downloaded by pressing browse/choose file and click on upload file option 

Step 5. Once you have downloaded xml blogger template, new window will appear on your screen which will enable you to check HTML code as shown below, which you have to copy


Step 6: Now move to EDIT HTML option TEMPLATE widget in

  •  Collect full set of HTML coding available in Edit HTML Template Box. Replace this with html code copied earlier
  •  Save the commands executed and move to your commenting system. You will cheer with happiness by seeing CommentLuv on your blog

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