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Hello friends, sometimes as blog writer you might be interested in providing additional information or say more clarification about your blog, to your potential reader but due to paucity of time or due to world limit you cannot integrate that information in your blog.Today our disscussion is How to Add Internal Links Within Blogger Posts? In such situation inserting supportive internal links may be helpful in making your readers more clear about your concept at one side on the other side it will enhance relevancy of your blog on SEO. There are two types of interlinking adopted in blog writing one pertains to interlinking different sections of your blog within the same blog post and one is interlinking your blog with articles or information provided by other writers.

A. Interlinking Different Sections within the same Blogger Post:

      1. Login to blogger dashboard.

      2. Go to posting widget > you will be provided with various options viz., posting new article or edit your ongoing article.

      3. Now find the place where you want to insert the links that will jump readers to other information. One thing which needs to be mentioned here that these links should be posted in early paragraphs of your blog so as to enable ascertaining the reader which information is useful to them.

      4. Move to Edit HTML mode instead of composing mode enabling you to view the which you intend to integrate in your blog.

      5. Highlight the words to which you want to interlink with the content, as highlighted in the first paragraph of our discussion.

      6. Now add different links to your highlighted texts, as follows.

     <a href="#withinposts">  interlinking different sections of your blog within the same blog Post</a>

    <a href="#withinposts">   interlinking your blog with articles or information provided by other writers Post</a>

  •  href is the beginning and ending your command with is the same structure that is used for other links in blog.
  • Every identifier is carried by hash sign (#).
  • Each link identifier should be closed with inverted commas.

     7. Now move to first point where your should be shifted after clicking some specific text.

     8. Now here you will be required to develop your anchor text by including heading and then enclosing heading with anchor structure.

                 <a name="identifier">a heading</a>

  •           Do not forget to make use of name variant in the beginning as <a> in the end
  •           Each link identifier should be separated with inverted commas

Writing of these commands will help us in making anchor structure.

<a name="withinposts">How to Create Internal Links To Sections Within the Same Blogger Post</a> 

9.  Now go to the point where you want to insert second interlink and create second anchor. In the following illustration we shall be using same structure with changed the identifie.

<a name=”withinblogger”> interlinking different sections of your blog within the same blog </a> 

Now save and publish the changes that will make your reader move to other sections within your blogger blogspot.

B. Interlinking Your Blog with Articles or Information Provided by other Writers:

     1. Generate the link by copying the URL address of article on which you want your reader to jump and use post editor command to insert the link.

<a href=”URLaddress”>linkname</a>

after this the blogger editor would use the following link :

                <a href="

     2. Now to move readers to the section by creating navigation, this can be done by following command.

                    <a href="URLaddress#identifier">linkname</a>

Now link will appear in the following manner in the Edit HTML section

             <a href=""></a>

     3. If you wish to open your link into new browser window execute the following command.

           <a href=""target="_blank">

As the final step save and publish the changes.

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