Increasing Width Of Your Blogger Page By Replacing Sidebar

Have you ever thought that "How will your blog look in without sidebar?"or "Have you ever thought to create blog on screen with full width page?" May be because of previous assumptions you might feel that practically it is not possible to hide a sidebar because blogger template is not easy software to work on. Today my attempt is to break your all pre assumptions regarding all such myths, because with help of XML and CSS you will be able to hide sidebar from your blog and create your full width page without any problem. The most interesting benefit of this feature is that it will enrich look of your blog with exquisite look. In coming paragraphs we shall discuss the method of creating a full width page in blogger.                                

1. Removal of Sidebar for Increasing Width of Pages: 

This can be done by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 : Login to and move to Add New Page/Post.

Step 2 : Move to HTML tab on Blogger Post Editor.

Step 3 : Paste the CSS and XML Code as mentioned below:


Step 4 : Width can be adjusted depending upon your requirement; it would be worth mentioning here that instead of determining it in percentage it can also be determined in pixels .

2. Implementation of Process: 

Once you have determined the page width, you would be interested to know how it will take place. Logically there is not any basic fundamental behind but the basic role is played by CSS. In the above mentioned code you would have noticed {display:none !important;} this code is mainly considered as an important activate that is used for hiding sidebar. Apart from this display:none can also be used for hiding required items from various pages


By going through above mentioned process you can remove side bar from your blog page.

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