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Hello Friends, you will agree that nobody express your feelings and thoughts better than you, the same principle applies while writing blogs. You will agree that there are some comments which are not possible to be included in the main text and are mentioned as specific comments from author, but sometimes these comments get mix with comments made by the readers. It is therefore necessary that comments of author should be highlighted so that they do not mix up with comments given by the fleet of readers.  Today we shall be discussing "How to highlight comments of blogger?" can comments from the Author can be separated from the comments given by the readers in the blogger (blogspot) template. One thing which should be kept in concern is that if there are only two three comments in your blogger blogspot than it does not affects to your post, but if there are many comments than it becomes necessary for you to distinguish them from comments made by the readers. This can be done with help of CSS styling of highlighting author comments.

Let us now begin our exercise of highlighting author comments :
Step 1 : Login to blogger.
Step 2 : From the template go to Design widget and select Edit HTML option.
Step 3 : Take back up of your template on your computer system.
Step 4 : Move to expand widget template checkbox located at the top of right hand.
Step 5 : Press CTRL+F and enter the following command into search box.
                                        <dd class='comment-body'>
Step 6 : Just after this explore the following command.


Step 7 : After above mentioned command type the following command.


And follow this command </b:if> just below the command.

Step 8 : Finally your commands will appear as given below.


Step 8 : Now Press CTRL key followed by F, i.e., CTRL+F and following command will appear on your screen ]]></b:skin>.

Step 9 : Just after  ]]></b:skin execute the following command.


Step 10 : Save all these changes and.

Step 11 : Preview your blog where you written your comments and check the CSS style highlighting your comments.

Besides the method discussed above there is one more method of highlighting blogger comments, which can be carried out as follows:

Step 1 : Repeat the first four steps as mentioned in the above mentioned method .

Step 2 : Press CTRL+F and enter <data:comment.body/> in the search box.


Step 3 : Remove the following highlighted code mentioned between <span class=’deleted-comment’> and </b:if> .


Step 4 : Execute CTRL+F and type ]]></b:skin> command, to stop CSS process of highlighting the author’s comments

Step 5 : Carry out the following command just above ]]></b:skin>


Step 6 : Save all these changes 

Step 7 : After moving to your blog you will find your comments highlighted 

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