Getting Verified Authorship For Different Writers In Blog By Google

Finding own name listed in Social Media has its own pleasure and joy, moreover as a blogger it is desire of every writer that his name is placed in list generated by various search engines. This desire has now come true with application of Google Verified Authorship and now it is easier to get your name displayed by various search engines than compared to earlier days. Today we shall be discussing the tactics that are helpful in Getting Verified Authorship For Different Writers In Blog By Google.Although your author is being appraised by every reader but still due to blogs written by various other bloggers on the same type your name is not being placed on top pages. The problem becomes worst when you have group of writers writing for your blog. In such situation it becomes more necessary to set up Google’s Multiple Verified Authorship. Setting up of this application will develop feeling of equality among different writers; this can be done by following the steps mentioned below :


Step 1: Generating About Us Page for Each Author:

Before creating separate about us page for each writer it is important to check that each writer has account in Google Plus in absence he cannot be considered as verified writer.

Go to and then select create new post widget. Paste the below mentioned code into the HTML tab of blogger editor.

<a rel="me" href= title="Surbhi Tripathi">Surbhi Tripathi</a> 


After pasting above code make the changes are mentioned below :

  • Remember to replace with Google plus profile URL of specific writer of your blog
  • Do not forget to attach a picture of every author on their respective about us page. It should be noted that this picture should be similar to image provide on Google plus profile
  • And finally as the last do mention few words about your author ,regarding his expertise in particular field.So that the reader may get knowledge about your author


Step 2: Inserting contribute links in Google Plus:

For identifying specific author for specific blog it is necessary to integrate blog link (Home Page) into their Google Plus distribution list, so that Google can recognize specific author.
1.Login to Google plus profile and move to press edit profile.Like Name of author.


2. Moving downwards you will find “Contributed To” and select it .


3.Now move to custom link and insert HOME PAGE URL of your blog on which you are writing as blogger and then save it.

Step 3: Insertion of Certain Authorship Links in Specific Posts of Authors:  

For getting verification you will be required to insert the Rel=”name of author” in the post body of blog written by specific author. This should be done accordingly:

1.Move to and then your blog. There you have to select new post  and in new post write your post .

 <a rel="author" href="Your_Specific_Author_About_Us">About</a>
<a rel="author" href=
rel=author title="Surbhi Tripathi">Connect to Google Plus</a>


2.Now paste the code mentioned below  at the end of author’s post.

Necessary changes to be made in the code mentioned above

  • Replace Your_Specific_Author_About_Us with different about us page that is created on blog for specific writer who wrote specific post of your blog
  • Replace with Google Plus Profile URL of the writer
  • Integrate above link in the post and do not add them in footer, header or sidebar

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