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Have you ever thought to customize your blogger comment box?Of-course endeavors  Google in this regard can be witnessed in Blogger's New Interface.It would be important to mention here that blogger commenting widget does require some kind of more development.Commenting box is considered necessary option for bloggers so as to enable them in understanding drawback of their write up.Apart from this regular comments from critics are regarded necessary for making your article live otherwise in absence of comments it is quite sure that your blog will not survive for long time.In today's discussion we shall be mainly focusing on this subject that "how to customize theme of blogger comment box new interface?"

Changing Background of Blogger Comment Box:

Step 1: Go to and move to template widget;

Step 2: Back up your template so that if anything happens wrong your template remains saved;

Step 3: Now go to Edit HTML widget and move to proceed and press “expand widget templates” option;

Step 4: Search for ]]></b:skin> and above it paste the CSS code as given below:

  • Now move to image here option and replace it with URL of background image which you intend to appear on your blogger comment box.
  • For adjusting width of comment box than it can be customized with width of 560 px.
  • For changing color of comment as replace hexadecimal color #2F97FF according to your requirement.

Step 5: Now search in blogger template as given below:

          <div class='comment-form'>

Step 6: Then it replace with:

            <div id='mbl-comment'>

In this way you can customize your comment box.

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