Appearance Of Review Mark Up Stars In Google’s Search Results Page

If you remember in my last blog we had discussed relevance of Google’s Verified Authorship in SERP similarly review mark ups have their own significance which reveals significance of your website. In simple terms it can be said that review mark ups can be considered as rating of your website through stars that is helpful in increasing authenticity of your website among the visitors and is also helpful in placing your website on first page of various search engines.  The same review mark ups are of equal importance if you are a blogger. In our today’s discussion we shall be mainly focusing on  Appearance Of Review Mark Up Stars In Google’s Search Results Page.But before preceding ahead it would be important to know the importance of review mark ups star rankings for search engine results page. This can be understood in following points:

  •  Normally a layman before searching for any results inserts some specific keywords that are helpful in getting desired results at first instance. The display of review stars enhances users to the result which has most high ranking
  • Review markups ensures the visitors that the page they are visiting is an authentic page and carries important information
  •  These rankings also ensure that your blog will grab attention of more visitors through various SERP

Installation of Review Markup in Blogger Post:

Integration of review markup in WordPress blog is the easiest way in blog as there are various plugins present that are helpful in making everything convenient in WordPress. However it would be important to mention that blogger do not have robust plugins we will be required to take necessary assistance from HTML coding which is similar to plugins present in WordPress. This can be done through following steps:

Step 1: Login to and move to Add a Post widget and select HTML tab

Step 2: Copy and Paste the HTML code as mentioned in HTML tab of blogger post editor


  • How to customize the above mentioned commands
  • Replace name of service followed by title/name of the product
  • Replace  Detractor-Name-Here followed by name which you intend to appear on SERP
  • Change the format of date in YY-MM-DD 
  •  Replace number of ratings with stars


Use of rich snippet tool for verification: 

To facilitate bloggers and webmasters Google has launched rich snippets tool that will enrich them to check preview of appearance of their blog or URLs on various SERPs. However still huge number of bloggers does not have knowledge regarding use of this interesting tool.

As the final and last step you have to verify that whatever exercise has been done by you is right or not. This can be done with help of rich snippet tool that will enrich you to see how your blog will appear on Google search page result. One more thing which is worth mentioning here is that it should be done separately for each post individually. This will appear separately on each post.

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