Animated Tooltips: A New Application For Bloggers

During last few years there has been tremendous increase in use of social networking websites throughout the world and these websites are acting as mediator of uniting people of same interest at one platform without meeting each other. Going through various significances of these social websites everybody is interested in inter linking their website with their most liked website for instance Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and various others. In the same series new name to make its debut in social networking websites is Tooltips widget. An advantage of Tooltips widget is that if you have interlinked your website with any social networking website and while visiting your website if your visitor moves his cursor on that particular social networking website he will be informed regarding the information adorned in that particular social website through an informative icon. Therefore today I think we should focus on procedure of assimilating Tooltip Social sharing Widget in your blog.

Before proceeding further I think it would be beneficial to know about the animated social sharing tooltips widget for blogger:

  •  Adorning of Tooltips adds an additional flavor to social widgets as it enables the visitors while bookmarking website they are visiting through their liked social networking website;
  • The icons used in designing this widget are specifically designed by expert professionals supported by 3D frame, that makes them more fascinating and passionate;
  • At present this widget supports 5 social networking websites supported by RSS feed and facilitate you to increase your subscribers;
  • The widget is designed with CSS and HTML , thus not affecting speed of site and its performance.

Procedure of Installing Tooltips Social Plugin in Blogger: 

The method of installing Tooltips widget is quite simple and just by following few commands you can easily integrate this Tooltip in your website.

Step 1: Go to dashboard of and move to Template widget and select EDIT HTML for further commands;

Step 2: In the template widget try to located ]]></b:skin> and above it paste the CSS code as mentioned below:

Step 3: Now as you have pasted the above mentioned code it is time to save the template;

Step 4: Once you have saved the style sheet code, now you can paste the code mentioned below according to your requirement where you wish your widget to appear.

Step 5: Now the fifth and last step is to customize the above mentioned command and save it. This can be done in the following way:

  • should be replaced with your Google Plus URL
  • ribbun should be replaced with Pinterest user name
  • Linkedin – URL should be replace with URL of Linkedin account 
  • should be replace with URL for Blog.

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