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Dear blogger friends as a blog writer you must be well aware regarding the relevance of Advance Social Traffic Pop, which helps you in exploring your blog on various social networking websites for instance Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. Among huge Traffic Pops, integration of Advanced Traffic Pop will be a beneficial deal for both bloggers and readers. Before proceeding further in this regard it would be important to define meaning of Traffic Pop for our new bloggers.Our discussion on  Traffic Pops can be defined as a door used for increasing traffic of your blog through social followers. Social Pops is an icon that emerges on webpage of your blog as soon as any reader visits your blog. Social Pops can increase number of your followers. For example any reader of your blog is registered with any social networking website, so as soon as starts reading your blog the traffic Pop starts activating and now he can follow you also on the social networking website in which he is registered.

Meaning of Advance Traffic Pop: 

As discussed in the beginning of my writing Advance Traffic Pop is a beneficial deal for bloggers and readers. Given below are the main features of this application:

  • It adorns an option that enables the readers to ignore and continue reading your blog
  • This option has mixed blend of 3 social networking websites comprising of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
  • It can be easily customized in CSS (style sheet) and is compatible with all web browsers including I.E., Firefox, Google Chrome and various other available web browsers 
  • The option can be viewed only by those visitors who are not following your blog on any of social networking websites. However once they start following you on social networking website this option will not appear 

Installation of Advanced Traffic Pop:  

The process of installing advance traffic pop is quite easier process and can be carried out without having any kind of knowledge related to HTML or CSS. It can be carried out by following the steps as follows:

Step 1:  Login to blogger dashboard then move to Template widget and select HTML command for next step;

Step 2:  Find ]]></b:skin> mentioned in Template coding and paste the CSS coding as mentioned below and then save it.


Step 3:  Now move to layout widget of your blogger dashboard and move to add gadget option. There add HTML/JavaScript and paste code accordingly as given below:

Step 4: The final and last step is making the changes adaptable in your blog. For this you need to add name of your social networking website or its URL from where you expect your readers to follow you. This can be done as http://www. {name of your social website/my bloggerlab} with fan page.

Once all this is done accordingly the final step is saving the commands after which you will notice number of your followers increasing with passing time.

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