Customizing Blogger Comment Box

Have you ever thought to customize your blogger comment box?Of-course endeavors  Google in this regard can be witnessed in Blogger's New Interface.It would be important to mention here that blogger commenting widget does require some kind of more development.Commenting box is considered necessary option for bloggers so as to enable them in understanding drawback of their write up.Apart from this regular comments from critics are regarded necessary for making your article live otherwise in absence of comments it is quite sure that your blog will not survive for long time.In today's discussion we shall be mainly focusing on this subject that "how to customize theme of blogger comment box new interface?"

Walloping IP Address On Blogger Blogspot

In coming years it is speculated that blogger will prove to be the best  platform if its boots protection wall. According to recent studies it is concluded that blogger is considered as the most safest place for bloggers due to high profiled security system received from Google due to which nobody can hack its website. But still most of the bloggers are moving towards WordPress from blogger due to various repetitive tasks and chances of stealing their articles. However users of blogger are still searching for some suitable solution by which they can block the IP address of unwanted users. Today we shall be discussing  how to block an IP Address on blogspot blog 2012.

Integration Of CommentLuv On Your Blogger Blogspot

As a human nature every blogger is interested to get feedback from its potential readers and therefore expects comments from them, but unfortunately most of the bloggers are not satisfied with performance of their existing comment process. Due to various technical weaknesses their blog is not able to grab attention of readers. To overcome Google is also endeavoring very seriously but still has not achieved the expected success in this regards. However there are some options that may attract readers to leave comment on your blog but also enhance them to read comments posted by other readers. In this series a CommentLuv can be considered as a new tool that will enrich the display of your blogger comment form. This tool is commonly used in WordPress but still not used in blogger. Today our discussion will focus on integration of commentluv tool in your blogger blogspot.

Integration Of Google + Add To Circle Application In Your Blog


Last one year has witnessed dynamic shift in social media and now nobody is interested to use like application integrated on social net working website Facebook, because now users have facility of Pinteret Pins, name of friends network has changed into circle and so now there is not receipt of friend requests on Facebook because now users have add to circle application with Google +.  Therefore now as a web owner if you still linking your website with social websites like Facebook or Twitter that undoubtedly you are lagging far behind the actual traffic which you could have captured by use of Google +.

Animated Tooltips: A New Application For Bloggers

During last few years there has been tremendous increase in use of social networking websites throughout the world and these websites are acting as mediator of uniting people of same interest at one platform without meeting each other. Going through various significances of these social websites everybody is interested in inter linking their website with their most liked website for instance Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and various others. In the same series new name to make its debut in social networking websites is Tooltips widget. An advantage of Tooltips widget is that if you have interlinked your website with any social networking website and while visiting your website if your visitor moves his cursor on that particular social networking website he will be informed regarding the information adorned in that particular social website through an informative icon. Therefore today I think we should focus on procedure of assimilating Tooltip Social sharing Widget in your blog.

Adorning Of Advanced Traffic Pop In Your Blog

Dear blogger friends as a blog writer you must be well aware regarding the relevance of Advance Social Traffic Pop, which helps you in exploring your blog on various social networking websites for instance Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus. Among huge Traffic Pops, integration of Advanced Traffic Pop will be a beneficial deal for both bloggers and readers. Before proceeding further in this regard it would be important to define meaning of Traffic Pop for our new bloggers.Our discussion on  Traffic Pops can be defined as a door used for increasing traffic of your blog through social followers. Social Pops is an icon that emerges on webpage of your blog as soon as any reader visits your blog. Social Pops can increase number of your followers. For example any reader of your blog is registered with any social networking website, so as soon as starts reading your blog the traffic Pop starts activating and now he can follow you also on the social networking website in which he is registered.

Appearance Of Review Mark Up Stars In Google’s Search Results Page

If you remember in my last blog we had discussed relevance of Google’s Verified Authorship in SERP similarly review mark ups have their own significance which reveals significance of your website. In simple terms it can be said that review mark ups can be considered as rating of your website through stars that is helpful in increasing authenticity of your website among the visitors and is also helpful in placing your website on first page of various search engines.  The same review mark ups are of equal importance if you are a blogger. In our today’s discussion we shall be mainly focusing on  Appearance Of Review Mark Up Stars In Google’s Search Results Page.But before preceding ahead it would be important to know the importance of review mark ups star rankings for search engine results page. This can be understood in following points:

Getting Verified Authorship For Different Writers In Blog By Google

Finding own name listed in Social Media has its own pleasure and joy, moreover as a blogger it is desire of every writer that his name is placed in list generated by various search engines. This desire has now come true with application of Google Verified Authorship and now it is easier to get your name displayed by various search engines than compared to earlier days. Today we shall be discussing the tactics that are helpful in Getting Verified Authorship For Different Writers In Blog By Google.Although your author is being appraised by every reader but still due to blogs written by various other bloggers on the same type your name is not being placed on top pages. The problem becomes worst when you have group of writers writing for your blog. In such situation it becomes more necessary to set up Google’s Multiple Verified Authorship. Setting up of this application will develop feeling of equality among different writers; this can be done by following the steps mentioned below :


Increasing Width Of Your Blogger Page By Replacing Sidebar

Have you ever thought that "How will your blog look in without sidebar?"or "Have you ever thought to create blog on screen with full width page?" May be because of previous assumptions you might feel that practically it is not possible to hide a sidebar because blogger template is not easy software to work on. Today my attempt is to break your all pre assumptions regarding all such myths, because with help of XML and CSS you will be able to hide sidebar from your blog and create your full width page without any problem. The most interesting benefit of this feature is that it will enrich look of your blog with exquisite look. In coming paragraphs we shall discuss the method of creating a full width page in blogger.                                

Process Of Integrating Contact Us Form In blogger Embed Code

The relevance of blog arises only when you receive feedback from your readers, what they feel about your blog or what improvements they expect from you. Contact Us Form is the most simplest and an easiest way to communicate with your readers. However this facility is not provided by the default blogger template. Therefore integration of this feature will enhance your readers to personally contact with you.

Assimilation Of Navigation Menu Bar To Your Blog

As a blogger and computer savvy person you must be well aware with significance of scroll bar between different pages. The same is true when you post your blog and with introduction of new blogger dashboard integration of scroll on blog is easier than compared to earlier times. It enhances you to not only create a menu bar on your blog but also enable you to integrate direct links with other web pages without making use of HTML codes.  You are also able to interlink tabs of your menu bar with pages of your blog, to page of your other blog, labels/categories or to any other link. Integration of this new feature in dashboard for bloggers provides you freedom to perform any action without making use of HTML code. Today our main focus will be on How to Add Navigation Menu Bar to Blogger Blog? This method will also enrich you in showing your navigation menu bar on blogger mobile template without making use of HTML code.

Tactics To Coat Your Blog Title

Hello friends as blog writer and SEO expert you must be well aware regarding significance of your blog title for various search engines while they rank your blog on the basis of its title. This means that it is an obligatory to mention title of your blog. Nevertheless there are some instances when you are required or you feel necessary to How to Hide Title From Blogger Header new interface? Normally there are two options to perform this exercise. The first option offers you to upload an image at the header of your blog, this is the most easiest way to hide your blog title. Whereas if you do not intend to upload any image then you have to follow the following exercise:

Integration Of Flickr Slideshow To Enhance Relevancy Of Your Blogger Blogspot

You will agree that integration of supportive evidences in form of slideshows adds an additional flavour to your blog and enhances relevancy of your statement. Today we shall be discussing integration of flickr slideshow gadget to blogger blogspot, this discussion may be of great interest for the starters. Although there are various methods to carry out this exercise we shall be discussing two methods, as mentioned below:

Integrating Interlinks In The Blogger Post

Hello friends, sometimes as blog writer you might be interested in providing additional information or say more clarification about your blog, to your potential reader but due to paucity of time or due to world limit you cannot integrate that information in your blog.Today our disscussion is How to Add Internal Links Within Blogger Posts? In such situation inserting supportive internal links may be helpful in making your readers more clear about your concept at one side on the other side it will enhance relevancy of your blog on SEO. There are two types of interlinking adopted in blog writing one pertains to interlinking different sections of your blog within the same blog post and one is interlinking your blog with articles or information provided by other writers.

Highlighting The Blogger’s Comments

Hello Friends, you will agree that nobody express your feelings and thoughts better than you, the same principle applies while writing blogs. You will agree that there are some comments which are not possible to be included in the main text and are mentioned as specific comments from author, but sometimes these comments get mix with comments made by the readers. It is therefore necessary that comments of author should be highlighted so that they do not mix up with comments given by the fleet of readers.  Today we shall be discussing "How to highlight comments of blogger?" can comments from the Author can be separated from the comments given by the readers in the blogger (blogspot) template. One thing which should be kept in concern is that if there are only two three comments in your blogger blogspot than it does not affects to your post, but if there are many comments than it becomes necessary for you to distinguish them from comments made by the readers. This can be done with help of CSS styling of highlighting author comments.

Simple Methods Of Removing Borders From Image

Dear Friends, hope all of you must be doing well. Today we shall be discussing the process of Removing Image Border in Default Blogger templates. This can be done in two ways. The first process is erasing image borders through template designer, whereas the second process deals with removing image border through manual process simply by code change.

Inserting Designer Bullets To Your Blogger (Blogspot) For Decorating Design Of Your Blogs

Dear friends you will agree that subject of blog writing is like space as much as we proceed ahead its length keeps on increasing, but I am sure you must be enjoying these discussions because personally I feel that sharing experience is the best way of enriching knowledge. Today also we shall be focusing on more feature of blogger (blogspot) that will enhance design of your blog, in our learning series now we shall learn How to Change Bullet Point Style in Blogger (Blogspot) Lists? . Normally these are fixed for content written in list style.

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