Rewinding The Ancestral Nonappearance Blogger Templates:

Hello friends, welcome to all of you after relishing weekend. Today we are not going to discuss or debate on some crucial topic but today we shall learn How to Access Old Style Templates in Blogger? and get them galvanize on existing blog. This subject can be of great interest for the fresh bloggers who are unaware of the fact that almost six years back in 2006 huge fleet of blogger blueprints were introduced that can be applicable even in current scenario. Apart from this it is also quite possible that most of my blogger friends may be keen to revert back to traditional blogger template but due to lack of awareness do not know the exact procedure.

Well friends, before proceeding ahead let me inform you that in need of reverting back to older blogger template it is possible that you may be deprived from using some latest technical features that are available in your present blogger’s template. Therefore before switching back to older blogger template get yourself confirmed that you want to revert back to older blogger template. In this context before you proceed your steps I would like to advice you that upload your template’s back up into test blog option to have a look "How your blog will appear after it is finalized?" It is also quite possible that you may be satisfied with changes but after sometime you may realize the importance of additional features in present blogger’s template. In that situation for coming to latest blogger template you will be required to carry out some exercises manually like shifting widgets of the sidebar by drag and drop facility.

Let us now begin the process of going back to traditional blogger template:  Before going ahead let us pretend that at present you are working of the latest blogger template, so now you should follow the instructions below to go back to older blogger template.

                 1Go to the overview icon available in latest blogger template and move to wheel icon designed at right side of the page. This will facilitate you with wide variety of options for bloggers
       2  .    From these blogger options, go to older blogger template option and click on it



3 .   As soon as click on older blogger template, the dashboard of traditional blogger dashboard will appear on your computer screen showing you the list of blogs written by you. From there you will be required to move on design option listed under links of blog title



4.     After this click Edit HTML link option given below blogger icon


5.    Now go to the bottom of page by scrolling down, there at left corner you will find an option of old templates. Select template of your choice from the given layout
                    6.   After this you will be shifted to page of older blogger template from where you can select template style of your choice. It is advised to screen the look of your blog before adopting the traditional blogger template

7.   If you are satisfied with the look of your blog in traditional template style then move on the save option so that it is determined as default template for your blogs

               For adding more changes, go to view blog given at the right of the dashboard and have look to your blog and steer them into your blog.

I am sure all these factors will be helpful to you in shifting back to erstwhile blogger template.

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