Joint Venture Between Google And Opera To Continue Till 2014.

Hello friends, there is some exciting news coming up from Norway, it is revealed that Norway’s web browser Opera is speculating to continue its venture with Google to act as its default search engine for two more years. According to sources of Opera the venture with Google has been extended, however it is recognized as new agreement, using Google as its default search engine for its mobile and computer web browsers and Joint Venture Between Google And Opera To Continue Till 2014.

This new agreement carries the same terms and conditions which were decided during its implementation from November 2009 according to which Opera will entitled to promote products and services offered by Google. The extension of deal is going to be a beneficial deal of Opera rather than Google. The reason is simple Google already owe its separate web browser and name of Google is substitute of search option throughout cyber world.

As an extension of this deal Opera will continue to promote various products and services offered by Google. It would be important to mention here that Opera’s desktop browser has not been successfully according to expectations but its mobile browser has made its successful entrance among the mobile net users. With this new agreement Opera speculates to strengthen its position in world of browsers. Now it would be interested to see how much this deal will be beneficial for Google. It would be worth mentioning here that Opera is already running various online advertising services which are in direct competition with Google’s AdSense. This agreement is not going to affects Opera’s plan of expansion of promoting its advertising business.


Google’s venture with Opera and Firefox will continue by 2014, now it will become more interesting that how long these companies will continue utilizing Google as their search engine. One factor which may be of concern for Opera can Google Chrome emerging as competitor web browser.

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