Inserting Quick Edit Feature Into Blogger (Blogspot)

Dear friends I am sure our last discussion on Inserting quick edit pencil feature in your blogger (blogspot) would have benefited you to great extent, in continuation that today we shall be discussing How to fix quick edit wrench to blogger (blogspot)? This feature entitles the blogger to make required modifications in blogger gadget instantly within the blog instead of carrying out long exercise of going to design widget and selecting page elements and the searching the widget. It would be worth mentioning here that if you have chosen standard blogger template without quick edit wrench feature, am sure our this discussion will be helpful in enhancing your knowledge of inserting quick edit feature in your blogger template. For that you are required to follow steps mentioned below:

       Step 1: Login to your blogger

           Step 2: Select Design widget and then go to Edit HTML

      Step 3: Select expand widget template box
      Step 4: Pressing CTRL + F keypads shift up the search box

      Step 5: Now insert the search option mentioned below


       Step 6: While scrolling over blogger template you will find that is every case of </b:includable> will be colored with yellow color.

       Step 7: After moving to sidebar widget which is considered as the best suitable place for quick edit missing will appear like this 

                   <b:section class=’sidebar’ id=’sidebar1’ preferred=’yes>

        This will change according to design of your template.

       Step 8: After this following picture will appear on your computer screen. You will find that code of Javascript/HTML widget will be displayed in red color.


  Step 9: Search for the widget that is carrying the missing quick edit feature in that integrate the code mentioned below, before </b:includable>.

 Step 10: Once the whole exercise is carried out preview the whole process before executing them.

 Step 11: As the last step click on the save option.

I hope unlike the yesterday’s discussion, this session will be also beneficial to you.


  1. The quick edit feature is very useful for me. Thanks for including the screenshots of the code - that made it much easier to follow the instructions.

  2. Carly I find it very useful for me a I am a regular blogger. It saves me lots of time..Hope it does the same for you.


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