Detecting Link Networks And Bad Neighborhoods

Google has always strongly asserted that it has succeeded in finding networks supporting bad links algorithmically. However most of the SEO’s doubt that searching bad networks can be performed manually. Google has recently staked the Penguin update and few emails to webmasters, warning them regarding suspicious link available on their websites. Now the question arises that is it possible to Detecting Link Networks And Bad Neighborhoods in absence of tools and processing capacity that is available with team of experts at Google. Going through the following it can be made possible.

1: Finding suspicious Links: Before proceeding further let us talk about searching suspicious link on some website say for instance, through Back Link Profiler (BLP) which can be determined as the tool that enriches you with detailed information regarding your websites and also about your competing website. Here we are more interested to detect Power Trust Profile. can be defined as a website that is enriched with links with good quality content.  However in reality your website may be linked with a website that is positioned at the left corner of the above drawn graph. So now our search will focus on identifying links on which it is difficult to trust. We are searching for websites that integrate poor contents, huge number of advertisements etc. It would be important to mention here that this is the only process in our whole exercise of searching power trust profile, which is based on man’s assessing ability. It is because of this Google’s algorithms are considered easier to detect such websites with any hard efforts. It is where BLP will enable to search for sites based on your trust and various other determinants.

2: Finding the buyers:  After you have gathered huge number of various creepy and interesting links. The next step is to get them through Link Juice Thief (LJT) that will enable you detect which sites are having common things and therefore are helpful in finding out huge number of ad buyers. In this way the more number of ad buyers will come ahead depending upon the number of websites you have gone through. As soon as this exercise is over you will be provided with wide list of sellers , however checking them via LTJ will enable you in finding out who are the actual buyers.


3: Detecting the networks: After you have come to know about the faulty sites it is obvious you will not be interested in getting linked with them, with this you would also be interested in making it confirm that you do not get links from any such website that is linked with their network. It is because of this Google has advantage of detecting such links. Going through the link profile of each website can be done but it will require serious efforts that will consume more of your time. Link research tools and Common Backlinks Tool (CBT) can be considered as an alternate to this, they carry out the same activities as performed by LTJ, but on the contrary LTJ is helpful in finding common attributes available in incoming links rather than outgoing links.

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