Assimilation Of Comment Counter Option In Blogger (Blogspot)


Dear friends, as a blog writer you will agree that the feasibility of your blog is not worth mentioning until unless it does not receive feedback from your potential reader. Therefore in continuation of discussion series, today we shall be focusing on assimilation of comment button that will enrich readers to interpolate about your blogger blog and will also enhance them to rank your blogs. Integration of comment option is as easy as making a cup of coffee. However, before you insert this option you should keep back up of your blogger template, till you assimilate this option in your blogger blogspot.  

Designing Footers Of Blogger (Blogspot) More Atractive With Designer Outlines

In continuation to our series of discussion exploring new amendments in blogger (blogspot), today we shall be discussing How to Add Borders to a Blogger Footer Blogspot?"  Before we proceed our discussion to next level there are few points which should be kept in consideration which are what is the width of border related with thickness of border; style of lining whether thin, dotted or double lined; and what should be the color of border. Once these concepts are clear it is now time for you to start designing borders of your blogger footer.

Inserting Quick Edit Feature Into Blogger (Blogspot)

Dear friends I am sure our last discussion on Inserting quick edit pencil feature in your blogger (blogspot) would have benefited you to great extent, in continuation that today we shall be discussing How to fix quick edit wrench to blogger (blogspot)? This feature entitles the blogger to make required modifications in blogger gadget instantly within the blog instead of carrying out long exercise of going to design widget and selecting page elements and the searching the widget. It would be worth mentioning here that if you have chosen standard blogger template without quick edit wrench feature, am sure our this discussion will be helpful in enhancing your knowledge of inserting quick edit feature in your blogger template. For that you are required to follow steps mentioned below:

Inserting Quick Edit Pencil Feature In Your Blogger (Blogspot)

Hello Friends, now-a-days our main subjects of discussions are going to focus on various facts related with blogger’s (blogspot). Yesterday we discussed Rewinding the ancestral nonappearance blogger templates, in the same series today we shall be discussing  How to fix missing quick edit pencil blogger (blogspot). As a blog writer you will agree that you would never like to work without edit pencil feature. Opting this feature will enable you to directly go to your blogger posts rather going to “Edit Posts”.

Rewinding The Ancestral Nonappearance Blogger Templates:

Hello friends, welcome to all of you after relishing weekend. Today we are not going to discuss or debate on some crucial topic but today we shall learn How to Access Old Style Templates in Blogger? and get them galvanize on existing blog. This subject can be of great interest for the fresh bloggers who are unaware of the fact that almost six years back in 2006 huge fleet of blogger blueprints were introduced that can be applicable even in current scenario. Apart from this it is also quite possible that most of my blogger friends may be keen to revert back to traditional blogger template but due to lack of awareness do not know the exact procedure.

Detecting Link Networks And Bad Neighborhoods

Google has always strongly asserted that it has succeeded in finding networks supporting bad links algorithmically. However most of the SEO’s doubt that searching bad networks can be performed manually. Google has recently staked the Penguin update and few emails to webmasters, warning them regarding suspicious link available on their websites. Now the question arises that is it possible to Detecting Link Networks And Bad Neighborhoods in absence of tools and processing capacity that is available with team of experts at Google. Going through the following it can be made possible.

Joint Venture Between Google And Opera To Continue Till 2014.

Hello friends, there is some exciting news coming up from Norway, it is revealed that Norway’s web browser Opera is speculating to continue its venture with Google to act as its default search engine for two more years. According to sources of Opera the venture with Google has been extended, however it is recognized as new agreement, using Google as its default search engine for its mobile and computer web browsers and Joint Venture Between Google And Opera To Continue Till 2014.

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