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 A very delighting morning to all my friends, hope all of you must be doing good. Well friends did you enjoyed viewing Venus transiting sun yesterday morning or not, because now this interesting solar activity will take place after 117 years when nobody from our generation will be there to witness the event. Friends I hope you must be finding our topics of discussion more interesting and enhancing your knowledge. As now a day’s our topics of discussion are focusing on various activities that are to be carried by bloggers writing blog for websites. Today our discussion will focus on Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools without any complications.  Submission of bloggers sitemap to Google’s web master tools will help the Google search engine to search your web pages without any difficulty.

I think discussing the topic in text form will not be helpful in understanding the subject , therefore for our convenience let us understand manually by way of flowchart. 

Step 1:As first step you need to sign on dashboard of Google webmaster with your Google identification.


Step 2:After signing in you will be required to mention URL of your blog and click on the button of add site option.


  Step 3:As the third step of this exercise after submitting URL of your site on Google webmaster, you will be required to verify your site by including  a Meta tag to your blog.

  Step 4:After you add mega tag to your blog you will be given a meta tag code  by Google webmaster which you will  be required to copy.

  Step 5:As the fifth step of this exercise you will be again required to go back to blogger dashboard, then from there to layout option, then Edit HTML and then search for the code.


Step 6:After this paste the meta tag exactly above the code and then click on option of saving template.


 Step7:As the sixth step of this exercise  you will  be asked to verify the meta tag by Google webmaster too.

  Step 8: After verification you will  be asked to add sitemap of your blog         


  Step 9 :After you submit sitemaps to Google’s webmaster tools you will asked to click on done button to finish the exercise.


      Blog sitemap will be added to Google. If you find any issue, let me know in comments.


  1. hi vikas i am new please give a picture of first step picture i do not found the sign up button.

  2. Hello Ahmad, I have just added the screenshot of the same. You can log in at this URL

  3. thanks brother

  4. hy brother when i add my site url on webmaster then next step is different as your tutorial why this??? please solve this


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