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Hello and Good morning friends!!!! Hope you must be enjoying our discussions. So tell me what precautions you are following to prevent yourself  from sticky heat, Are you having liquid diet properly or not. I would advise a lots of water for Indians. Well without taking much of your time let us concentrate on our topic of discussion.

Why The Complete Blogger Blog Back Up Is Required:

if you are a computer savvy person you know the importance of back up of data. Same way when you are writing your blog on blogger, all the posts are your data. You want  to come and smash your data on fine morning. So lets see some major reason why this back up is needed: 

 1.  Google is  hosting your blogger blog and  it has right to delete your blog without bringing this into your prior notice, if they feel you are going against their terms and conditions, They can delete your blog on any fine day.

2. There's no way you can take automatic back up of your blogger blog. So you are left with very little options. 

3. In case your blogger blog gets deleted and you have the back up with you. You can import this back up to a new blogger blog or even to some other platform. 

Now when you intend to resolve this matter  that whatever has happened is due to mistake from Google’s side and you are not responsible for violating the conditions of services. In that situation Google is not in position to return back you the contents of blog you had written. It is therefore suggested to keep the back up of your blogger back up. Keeping back up of blogger blog is not any hectic or hard effort task, infact it is the easiest task to perform.

So these are very easy steps to back back up your blogger blog. These steps will work according to the new blogger interface 2012.On your dashboard many steps are :-

Step 1 : On your dashboard of blogger section go to "settings options."


Step 2 : There you will find another option as "other"


Step 3 : As soon as you will click on other you will find option of "Export blog"


Step 4 :Click on export blog will ask you to "download blog".


Step 5: Once your blog is downloaded you can confirm the downloading by clicking on right side of your download icon you will find a containing folder with blog downloaded there.

I am sure now my blogger friends will undoubtedly try this exercise to keep their blogs safe for future references.


  1. Backing up a blog can be confusing, so that's why I think a lot of people don't do it. I used to not back up my blogs and once, accidentally deleted everything! It was terrible. These are great instructions though. I'll definitely have to refer to this the next time I need to make a back up!

  2. Carly, this back up guide is only for you Blogger Blog and it you follow the steps correctly you would be able to back it up easily. :)


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