How To Get Better Permalinks For Blogger Posts

Hello readers!!!! Today I have a question to ask from my blogger friends.  Tell me are you aware of the term Permalinks? Of-course they need not have to worry even if they do not know because am sure that even if you do not know, than today our discussion is How To Get Better Permalinks For Blogger Posts?

Well friends before proceeding further let us know what the Permalinks refers to.  In simple term Permalinks can be defined as permanent links to post page. The function of Permalinks is carried out by which depending upon the title of your blog determines permalink of your blog. Permalinks let the user viewer or reader of your blog know regarding the content on which your blog is focused. Permalinks generates permanent links to your blog that are indexed by search engines. Permalinks are used by search engines to categorize the post. Various search engines use permalinks to navigate bloggers post.

Before proceeding further let us discuss tips that are required to keep in concern while working on permalinks in blogger. It would be worth mentioning here that where other blogging software for instance wordpress enriches the bloggers to edit permalinks, does not offer any such facility. It is therefore necessary to take appropriate precautions while generating titles of your blog because once permalinks are created than you will not be able to edit them.


It would be important to mention that until your preparing draft of your article you edit titles as many times you want but permalinks are generated at the point from where post is published you will not be allowed to make any kind of corrections in them. One more important feature that needs to be kept in concern about blogger is that it allows use of only 35 to 40 characters from the title of your post to generate permalinks, therefore if your blog has long title that it might create problem for you. It is therefore advised to set titles of your blog carefully. The long titles will result in shortening of permalinks which may result in decreasing the significance of your blog. For Example:


However there is a tactic by which you can come out from this problem. For this you will require to republish the whole blog. Of-course in carrying out this process you will be required to create a small title of your blog that briefs the text of your blog and then publish your blog. By using this tactic you can create some impressive and fascinating title for your blog. Moreover creating of crispy permalinks is helpful in search engine optimization.

I am sure above discussion would be have been of great importance of you in clarifying your doubts, if any, related with permalinks. Well get ready for some more interesting subject of discussion.


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