How To Back Up Your Blogger Template

 Dear readers a very big hello to all of you. I am sure my Indian friends would be happy to learn that finally monsoon has landed on the coasts of Kerala and soon it will be expanding its roots over rest of Indian states. Well friends today our subject of discussion is going to be of great interest for my friends writing blogs on blogger. I hope all you must be keeping back up of your complete blogger’s blog, similarly you must be also keeping back up of your template for blogger blog so as to keep copy of your current beautiful template.

So today we shall be discussing that How To Back Up Of Your Blogger Template. But as this matter cannot be described in words I will make an attempt to make you understand this subject in a diagrammatic manner like a teacher teaches in a class room, hope I prove to be a good teacher to all of you. (wink)

Well before proceeding further let me make you one thing clear that I will be trying to explain this procedure in both ways that is latest interface (2012) and in the traditional interface. Let me begin with current interface.

Step1: Go to your blogger dash board and select template from the downward key which is located 
next to your blog.

Step 2: When you go to template option you will find an icon of indicating backup/restore.


Step 3: When you will click on the above mentioned option you will find two more options one will be asking you to download the full template whereas the other will be asking you to upload template. You are required to click on download the full template and download will start.


 After download is complete you can save the template for future reference, so that in future if you do any mistake in amending the template you can go through the copy of saved template and amend it accordingly.

On the other side keeping back of template for your bloggerblog in old interface youwill be required to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step1: Go to your dashboard of blogger’s  account, click on design option


Step 2: After design you will be required to click on EDIT HTML given below design option

Step 3: Just below the back up/restore section in EDIT HTML page, click the option of download full template


Once download is complete your back up of your template will be kept saved.Hope this diagrammatic presentation would have helped you in understanding the whole process of keeping back up of your blogger blog template.

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