How To Add Meta Tags For Individual Blog Post In Blogger Blog


Hello readers, today our topic of discussion will be based on same theme in fact on much advanced theme than compared to what we had last time. Today our discussion is related to addition of meta tags for individual blog post in blogger blog. I am sure our last discussion had been of great help to all of you in removing your all doubts concerned with meta tag about blogger blog.

Well moving towards adding meta tags for individual blog post in blogger blog the first four steps will be same as required for adding meta tags for blogger blog i.e,

Step 1:     Logging in to your blogger account.
Step 2:    Navigating to design
Step 3:  Taking up back up for your template, and 
Step 4:     Expand widget templates box.

Now once these acts are performed you will be required to carry on the following exercise which again I shall be attempting to discuss with you in diagrammatic way:

Step 5:   Insert the following information in the (head) section of your blogger template. Enter the code below the home page code 

     <b:if cond='data:blog.url == "'>
     <meta content='keywords pertaining to your post' name='keywords'/>
     <meta content='crafted description of your post' name='description'/>


Step 6:  Once the above mentioned exercise is done, you will be required to add URL of your post,
keywords and description. To access URL of your post you will  be required navigate to post page and the copy the link mentioned in the address bar of browser including http:// prefix.

Step 7:Now you have to click on save template option.


Step 8: As the final step to check your discription and you can go view source on your web browser after you have navigated the post page or meta tag analyzer.

      It would be important to mention here that the above mention procedure in suitable only when you have posted few blogs on post and you intend to increase traffic of visitors on your blog. 

After you have integrated meta tag into your blog that you shall be able to check their relevance by using specific tools designed to check it.Meta tag with relevancy above 90% is considered as the best meta tag.The major meta tag analyzer tools are submit express and SEO centro.

        I am sure these discussions would have been of great help to you in understanding the process of adding meta tag to blogger blog so as to enrich the search engine results to delivered best search results within the blogger platform.



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