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Dear Friends Good morning to all of you welcome back from am sure all of you had blissful weekend enriched with pre-monsoon rain. Well with new week and new commitments without consuming much of your time let me come directly to our main point of discussion. Well friends as you are aware from last few weeks our main topics of discussion are mainly focused either on new update by any website or any suitable information for our blogger friends who are writing for various websites, today also our discussion is related to them. Today our topic of discussion relates to How To Add Meta Tags For Blogger Blog?

Before proceeding further let us first discuss what Meta Tag is because some of our friends may be unaware of this term. In simple term Mega Tag can be defined as HTML tag that contains an additional information present in your blog which cannot be accessed by readers but is visible to search engines. For instance let us talk about Meta description tag summarizes the brief information regarding content of your blog. The keyword meta tags refers to such keywords which a reader or visitor may use for searching your blog on different search engines. However due to critics of Meta Tags search engines are becoming more sensitive and do not consider keywords as an important element of improving the page rankings but they still prefer to use keyword meta tags for searching about any information.

Restriction on bloggers from and SEO:  Blog writing also suffers from certain restriction related to non optimization for SEO and secondly meta description and meta keywords do not receive any support from  Apart from this Title tags are also not used for optimization, that means as a blogger you will not be benefitted by any prospect to impress researchers about your blog.

Ofcourse meta tags and descriptions can be used in blogger template to enhance your blog to acquire an important place by different search engines. However it would be important to mention here that posting of meta tag description in blogger template may create a problem for you because as blogger you will use same meta tag for all pages of your blog. Thus whenever any visitor places his query about your blog search engines will display the same information about your blog that is saved with them. As the result traffic on your blog may be less. A solution to problem can be adding of meta tags to home page of your blog so that it does not affects post pages of your blog.

Let us know move to procedure of adding meta tags to blogger blogspot blog home page. Instead of discussing subject in text form let me adopt a diagrammatic approach to make it easy for you to understand the procedure:

Step1 :As the first step log in to your blogger account.


Step 2: Navigate to design.

Step 3: As the third  step before downloading full template take the back up your template for future reference.

Step 4:Have an access to expand widget templates box.


Step 5: Once you go to template box following lines will appear on your computer screen:
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
Step 6: As soon as the above mentioned dialogue appears on your computer screen paste the mentioned code instantly in the following manner:

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<meta content='Place your blog description here' name='description'/>
<meta content='Place your blog keywords here(separated by commas)'

Step 7: Once the last exercise is done, insert the blog description, with characters not exceeding more than 150 characters.

Step 8: Mention the keywords about your blog followed by single quote below keywords.  It is important to mention here that each keyword and keyword phrase should be separated by comma. It should be kept in mind that keyword should not be more than 200 characters.

Step 9: Once the last carried activities are done click on save option. To view your blog you either access blog’s home and go to view source. After which a document will open on your screen which you will have to scroll down to view your blog.


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