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Hello friends, Greetings!!!! Hope everything must be going well at your side. Well today again our topic of discussion is going to focus on blogger blog. As a blogger if you have recently got yourself registered with than do you know that tracking and statistics software can be connected to your site enabling you to know how many visitors visited your article. Integration of tracking program for instance Google Analytics is quite simple and user friendly. Of-course integration is easy to install and you will be able to easily access traffic at your website.  Amalgamation of new project will enable you to find the measures to make your content more interesting to grab attention of visitors to your website.

By following the below steps you can easily add Google Analytics to your blogger blog but today instead of using diagrammatic process to understand let me adopt theoretical method to understand the process.

Step 1: As step 1 login to Google analytics at from your user id. If due to any reason you want to create a new account for accessing Google analytics, than you should be aware of the fact that by doing so, you will not be able log into other Google services for instance Google webmaster tools etc.


Step 2: In the second step you will be required to sign in by clicking on Sign Up option from there you will be directed to Analytics – New Account Signup page, where you will have to submit URL of your blog followed by your account name, country, and time zone.

The process will involve following steps:

  • URL:   Here you will have to submit the URL of your blog for instance  ribbun-
  • After this you will be required to enter

Account name: After performing above mentioned tasks you will be required to choose a perfect account name, this will enable you to use the same of various other websites.

Click on continue: As the final step you will be required to provide information regarding your personal details for instance your name, phone number, country etc. After providing all these information you will have to click on continue button to forward the process. As soon as this step is done page of Terms of Agreement will appear on screen and agreeing with them will finish your sign up procedure.

Step 3: Once the sign up process is finished, Google analytics will offer you the code block of javascript that you will have to add into your website.  This you will have to copy on the clipboard of your computer.


Step 4: Open new browser window  and get login to your at and from dashboard navigate to layout tab.

Step 5: Navigate to EDIT HTML in the layout Menu From layout menu go to Edit HTML link, where you will be required to add code to your template so that you need not have to overwrite any other existing code. It is advised to keep back up of your template, which will be offered to you.

Step 6: For adding code block to your template you will be required to paste the code which closes to body tag. This will be displayed very close at the bottom of your template. You just have to copy the code block just above the tag. Once the code is pasted you will be required to save template. Once this is done Google analytics will be added to your blogger blog.


Step 7: To check the working of Google analytics software go to Google Analytics window, where you will find details of your blog for instance reports, status, visits etc. If you see tick option in the status column it will mean that your Google analytics is installed successfully.

   I would like to inform you that in case if instead of tick mark your status has yellow triangle followed by exclamation sign, this indicated that Google has not yet updated details provided by you. In this condition you will be required to wait for 24 hours as sometimes Google may take time to install the code to final reports.

Step 8: If still after 24 hours you face the same problem you will have recheck your blogger template so as to confirm that your code block is mentioned correctly or not.

However unfortunately even if problem persists that you can contact Google Suppport at this URL

Before ending our discussion I would like to say just one thing from theoretically the process seems to be very lengthy but once you start following these tips it will be more easier for you to understand it.


  1. Google Analytics is such a useful tool. It's too bad it can be confusing to install it! Your instructions were great. I followed along with the screenshots and it seems to be working now.


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