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Hello readers,  Today again I have a question for my blogger friends "who are writing blogs for different websites?". Today my question is that do all of you know "how to integrate categories section to Blogger Blog?" The Blogspot blogs at does not support categories but has only labels. Today our main emphasis will be on discussing how as a blogger you can manually manage categories in from labels so as to make all articles listed posted under particular label can be known. However adding categories manually to Blogger is not the correct way it will just help to identify that your known articles come under one head.

An easiest way to integrate categories section in Blogger is to rename the section of labels widget as categories.  Of-course this is not the appropriate solution for a blog in which there are huge number of labels. Thus it is suggested to create a separate section for integration of categories section. Adding categories section to a Blogspot blog involves following steps:

Step1: Just determine how would you like to arrange your articles depending upon the labels followed by group heading under which you want to place your articles under each group.

Step 2: Navigate individual page of the label for first category which you want to use by clicking on the label in side bar. Copy URL address of this page mentioned in address bar of browser by right clicking on mouse and selecting copy command.

Step 3: From blogger dashboard select Design option and from that go to 'Page Elements'.


Step 4: As the fourth step click on 'Add a Gadget' option located in the sidebar and the select links list.


Step 5: Now in the Link List dialogue box you will have to paste the link of your label in the new site URL box.


Step 6: Enter the name of your label or some indicative description if you want to name your new site text box.

 Step 7: Enter “Categories” as the title.

Step 8:  Here you will required to arrange categories according to required preference of ascending or descending order.

Step 9: Now you will have click on 'Add Link' icon to add link in new categories list.

Step 10: And now finally once all these tasks are performed you will  be required to save the carried exercise.


Step 11: For every label which you wish to integrate into categories section you need to copy the link and then add it into configure links list.

Step 12: Use the arrow keys to each link to move them according to your choice where you want to place them.



Before you start this exercise it is advised that do not post maximum number of your posts in the new categories section.

I am sure this way of manually adding categories into blogger blog would of great importance to you.




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