Destination Of Visitors For Your Websites, Where They Are Coming From?

Dear Friends good morning to all of you, with last working day coming closer am sure all of you must finalizing you commitments speedily so as to enjoy relaxed weekend, therefore without consuming much of your time let me come directly on point. Today our subject of discussion is very interesting because it is the topic on which not much discussion has been made or in more simple words not much attention has been paid so far by any of webmasters and intellectuals. Infact today’s subject will undoubtedly get attention from webmasters. Well today my question is that have you ever thought from where different websites grab the visitors.

Logically traffic on website through Adwords is reached by two different traffic segments i.e., search and display. In simple terms search traffic refers to such visitors who are looking for some kind of information on some particular subject, whereas display traffic refers to those visitors who are interesting to know about information provided on any particular website. Therefore depending upon these two categories of visitors it is necessary that separate advertisement strategy should be adopted depending upon their search requirements i.e., landing pages.

Normally every visitor visits any website to find an answer to his query. Depending upon their requirement webmasters can design a landing page that contains answer to their all queries depending upon an assumption that such questions can be raised by visitors visiting their websites. For instance a visitor looking for some information regarding any of your products on website will enquire like “that he is interested to know about some specific product supplied by you". Keeping such normal assumptions in concern you should design a landing page of your website.

Among both these segments of visitors it is difficult to point out the categories of display visitors because they are not the regular visitors of your website but an amateur visitor. However they can be pointed out on the basis of certain clues. For instance the advertisement they click which is based on website and the page where they found this advertisement. If these advertisements are designed according to the topic depending upon the choice and visitors and assuming keywords which they will refer for their search, can help you to identify about these display visitors.

Apart from this simple clue there are some other options also available, this may be some help to webmasters to find out the category of their visitors that whether they are search visitors or display visitors. The simple clue is related with their geographical locations depending upon the continent, country, state and city followed by time of day of week when they visit your website.

So dear friends especially my webmaster friends I am sure you would have enjoyed this subject of discussion and found it of some interest for you. That is all for day.

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