How To Add A Recent Posts Feed To Blogger Blog

Hello friends, Greetings!!!!!  Finally a new weekend is again at your doorsteps, the day for which you wait for whole week, therefore instead of consuming much of your time let us begin our discussion. Well friends you know now a day’s am concerned about my blogger friends who even after high endeavors are not able to get sufficient traffic on their blogs, it is because of this my last few discussions are based to provide them some sort of necessary information.  Therefore today also my question is with my blogger friends, well friends "Do you know How To Add A Recent Posts Feed To Blogger Blog in new interface?"

How To Add Categories Section To Blogger Blog


Hello readers,  Today again I have a question for my blogger friends "who are writing blogs for different websites?". Today my question is that do all of you know "how to integrate categories section to Blogger Blog?" The Blogspot blogs at does not support categories but has only labels. Today our main emphasis will be on discussing how as a blogger you can manually manage categories in from labels so as to make all articles listed posted under particular label can be known. However adding categories manually to Blogger is not the correct way it will just help to identify that your known articles come under one head.

How To Get Better Permalinks For Blogger Posts

Hello readers!!!! Today I have a question to ask from my blogger friends.  Tell me are you aware of the term Permalinks? Of-course they need not have to worry even if they do not know because am sure that even if you do not know, than today our discussion is How To Get Better Permalinks For Blogger Posts?

How To Add Google Analytics To Blogger Blog


Hello friends, Greetings!!!! Hope everything must be going well at your side. Well today again our topic of discussion is going to focus on blogger blog. As a blogger if you have recently got yourself registered with than do you know that tracking and statistics software can be connected to your site enabling you to know how many visitors visited your article. Integration of tracking program for instance Google Analytics is quite simple and user friendly. Of-course integration is easy to install and you will be able to easily access traffic at your website.  Amalgamation of new project will enable you to find the measures to make your content more interesting to grab attention of visitors to your website.

How To Add Meta Tags For Individual Blog Post In Blogger Blog


Hello readers, today our topic of discussion will be based on same theme in fact on much advanced theme than compared to what we had last time. Today our discussion is related to addition of meta tags for individual blog post in blogger blog. I am sure our last discussion had been of great help to all of you in removing your all doubts concerned with meta tag about blogger blog.

How To Add Meta Tags For Blogger Blog

Dear Friends Good morning to all of you welcome back from am sure all of you had blissful weekend enriched with pre-monsoon rain. Well with new week and new commitments without consuming much of your time let me come directly to our main point of discussion. Well friends as you are aware from last few weeks our main topics of discussion are mainly focused either on new update by any website or any suitable information for our blogger friends who are writing for various websites, today also our discussion is related to them. Today our topic of discussion relates to How To Add Meta Tags For Blogger Blog?

How To Optimize Post Titles For The Blogger Blog

  Dear readers happy delighting and relishing weekend!!!! I am sure all of you had finished your office work yesterday before time to plan for this weekend. Today my question is with my blogger friends, my simple question to them is that do you know How To Optimize Post Titles For The Blogger Blog in new interface? Because finally it is the blog title and post title that appear in search results page (SRP), moreover you would have noticed that these words are highlighted on results page. That means blog title and post title both constitute an important element in increasing the traffic to your blog and placing at higher position. Our today’s subject of discussion pertains to optimizing these terms.                               

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Bing Webmaster Tools

Dear readers, Greetings!!!!! As usual I am sure you would have started planning for one more energizing weekend. Today I will take a foot forward and discuss about Bing webmaster tools and site map submission.Let us take in consideration submission of bloggers sitemap on Yahoo and Bing. Until last year i.e. November 21, 2011 bloggers writing blogs for could submitted sitemap of their blogs on Yahoo Site Explorer, but after November 2011 Yahoo entered in joint venture with Bing and unified its site explorer with webmaster tools of Bing so as to increase sufficient traffic on both websites equally. The site explorer was introduced by Tim Mayer in 1995 facilitating the users to have look on performance of their websites on Yahoo search engine. It also facilitated the user that how many sites are linking with you and can also check the number of inter links integrated in your website. But merger of Yahoo with Bing search engine from Microsoft at one platform will enable you to make your blog active on search engines of both yahoo and bing by submitting your blogs on bing. Earlier while submitting your article with MSN the bloggers need not have to submit the sitemap of their blog they just needed to ping them the link of their blog. But with removal of MSN search engine by Bing Microsoft has also started moving the path of Google.

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

 A very delighting morning to all my friends, hope all of you must be doing good. Well friends did you enjoyed viewing Venus transiting sun yesterday morning or not, because now this interesting solar activity will take place after 117 years when nobody from our generation will be there to witness the event. Friends I hope you must be finding our topics of discussion more interesting and enhancing your knowledge. As now a day’s our topics of discussion are focusing on various activities that are to be carried by bloggers writing blog for websites. Today our discussion will focus on Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools without any complications.  Submission of bloggers sitemap to Google’s web master tools will help the Google search engine to search your web pages without any difficulty.

How To Back Up Your Blogger Template

 Dear readers a very big hello to all of you. I am sure my Indian friends would be happy to learn that finally monsoon has landed on the coasts of Kerala and soon it will be expanding its roots over rest of Indian states. Well friends today our subject of discussion is going to be of great interest for my friends writing blogs on blogger. I hope all you must be keeping back up of your complete blogger’s blog, similarly you must be also keeping back up of your template for blogger blog so as to keep copy of your current beautiful template.

So today we shall be discussing that How To Back Up Of Your Blogger Template. But as this matter cannot be described in words I will make an attempt to make you understand this subject in a diagrammatic manner like a teacher teaches in a class room, hope I prove to be a good teacher to all of you. (wink)

Steps To Back Up Your Blogger Blog


Hello and Good morning friends!!!! Hope you must be enjoying our discussions. So tell me what precautions you are following to prevent yourself  from sticky heat, Are you having liquid diet properly or not. I would advise a lots of water for Indians. Well without taking much of your time let us concentrate on our topic of discussion.

Destination Of Visitors For Your Websites, Where They Are Coming From?

Dear Friends good morning to all of you, with last working day coming closer am sure all of you must finalizing you commitments speedily so as to enjoy relaxed weekend, therefore without consuming much of your time let me come directly on point. Today our subject of discussion is very interesting because it is the topic on which not much discussion has been made or in more simple words not much attention has been paid so far by any of webmasters and intellectuals. Infact today’s subject will undoubtedly get attention from webmasters. Well today my question is that have you ever thought from where different websites grab the visitors.

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