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Good morning and big hello to readers, hope all you must be enjoying a relishing weekend with your family. Well let me add an additional flavor to your weekend by giving you some mental exercise so that after reading this article on Monday when you will start your new week my words will grab your attention on the subject.
I am sure all my readers are well acquainted with Internet applications and therefore today’s topic of discussion may be high interest to all of you especially for my website developer readers. As all of you are aware of using different websites in day to day working, you would have noticed various icons on each website page for instance home page, about us, careers, products etc. When you access page of each icon separately you would have noticed various other information’s interlinked with that particular web page.

Today we shall be discussing about this subject that what this process is known for web developer users it may be easy to answer but what about my dear friends who are just the computer savvy persons. Well for my users I would like to tell them that this system is known as Sitemap. Not detailing in deep simply Sitemap can be defined as list of different pages or icons uploaded in hierarchy on website which are accessed by users and crawlers. This process is of great help to different website when any user submits his request to search about any information on any of search engines. I hope this has given a brief knowledge about the topic to my layman users.

Now the question rises how this Sitemap work or how it is created. So simple answer to this is that all this is carried out with help of Google webmaster tools. It is a long process which is followed by web developers by using the webmaster tool. My effort would be broadening your knowledge by briefly describing the whole process.

1: Authorizing website by Google webmaster tools: The process begins with verifying your website by Google webmaster tools. For that the developer is required to sign into webmaster site of Google and sign in with same identity which is his Google mail id. There you will find an icon “Add a site” here you will be required to submit the URL of your website and click the option of continue. On the next page you will find an instruction asking you to add a meta tag to home page of your site from instruction icon. After open a new browser and navigate the site you are getting verified by webmaster tools. There you will be required to opt for manage site integrated in more action drop menu, after that go for General tab under site setting icon. After this you will be required to copy the meta tag which had copied in the beginning with Google webmaster tool in box located close to Google webmaster tool verification. After this process final stage of verification begins by verifying the meta tag you copied on webmaster tool and click the verify icon.

2: Now once you have verified your Site map you would like to get ensured that whether it properly activated or not. For that purpose select you site on webmaster tools home page, there you will find an icon of site configuration followed by sitemaps, after following this process click on test sitemap at the top of web masters home page. There you will find series of commands Enter /system/feeds/sitemap after following this step submit your sitemap. Now you can follow the map by /system/feeds/sitemap to finalize URL of your website.
Now am sure this information would have been succeeded in enriching your knowledge about website using. Enjoy your weekend. Hasta La Vista!!!!

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