Protecting your website from Google’s Penguin Soldier


Hello and welcome to one more session on some interesting subject of discussion. If you remember in my one of my last blogs we had discussed myths arising with introduction of Penguin application by Google since its inception. It seems that this is going to be the latest subject of debate among the Internet user for few more months to come or until unless any new update is not introduced by Google, this debate seems to not come to an end.

Penguin’s elder sibling Panda mainly concentrated on tracking the articles and websites with duplicate content supported by sperm hyperlinks. On the contrary younger sibling Penguin focuses on interlinks provide in the article that is resulting in declining the rankings of different websites. This has resulted in deterioration of their rankings and reducing traffic on these websites which is adversely affecting to their income.

Criticizing about introduction of Penguin Mr. Jonathan Allen an Internet expert has described a realistic illustration in which a small business entrepreneur is reported to experience decline in his income due to introduction of Penguin. Prior to introduction of Penguin his business was being ranked among the top ranking due to black hat SEO techniques, even after introduction of Panda. But with introduction of Penguin ranking of his website decline surprisingly.

This has given rise to plethora of debate that with introduction of Penguin the small websites are finding it difficult to survive or maintain their existing ranks. However on the contrary this change is good for the users who use Google as search engine of their queries, because in lack of this various black hat websites were making their position in the list of top searches and misguiding the researchers.

Now the question arises is that can small websites maintain their existence by using bleach white hat SEO. An answer to this question in one word is “yes” but it is only possible when these web site holders follow the principal of RBR i.e., Relevant, Balanced and Real. The forthcoming paragraphs will be discussing these terms for bringing them in practice.

Relevance: If you want that your content should not be rejected by Google’s search engine then the small website users should focus on providing relevant information to the researchers. Here Google Knowledge Graph could of great help for SEO providers. Now the search by Google will be carried on the basis that how the search items are interconnected with each other followed by integration of various hyper and inter links provided in the contents. That means now the search results on your screen will be more authentic and relevant.

Balanced: The main objective of Penguin is to provide qualitative result on Search engine results page (SERP). Therefore every website if intends to be placed among the top list of SERP than either they should provide some outstanding content to support the text of their website. The websites should try to avoid Guerrilla technique of optimization for instance condensed title tags, low quality back links, irregular inter linkages etc.

Real: An appropriate content will now be the key requisite to get your website approved by Penguin. It is therefore necessary that you work on improving the quality of content. The contents should fresh, self explanatory and worth mentioning.

If website developer’s follow these small tips it is sure that they will then not be scared from any kind of threat from any kind of applications introduced by Google or any search engine. However to protect your existing website from the Penguin attack update your existing website with appropriate links support, introductory text is not supported with excessive links, disclose everything about your business without hiding anything, do not link your website with suspicious websites and the last one keep updating your content for increasing its relevancy and importance among the targeted readers.

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