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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is commonly used term in Internet marketing during last few years and has emerged as an important tool for promoting your business to new heights. This has resulted in origin of various companies debuting in world of internet marketing with SEO knowledge and promoting them as leading SEO service providers. This article is particularly designed to enhance the SEO knowledge of the users who are new to this term.

Let us begin with the term URL, the acronym of URL is uniform resource locator in simple words URL can be described as web address to visit any particular website, the alphabets mentioned in URL are placed on browser to check the contents of that web page. TLD, the term TLD denotes top level domain, if you are internet savvy person that you might have noticed various websites with .com, .in, .org etc extensions. All these extension terms are referred as TLD. SEO/SEM/PPC, search engine optimization is considered as an activity that is designed to help the person in searching any information on internet. The appropriate SEO services helps informative websites to appear at front page of different search engines. PPC denotes pay per click refers to payment for searching any information on any websites. SEM, search engine marketing refers the merging of both SEO and PPC services.

Use of keywords: Keywords can be considered as the set of words that are used by users for searching any particular information on internet. The appropriate selection of keywords keeping in concern all search possibilities will be helpful in increasing rank of your websites.

Links: Links can be considered as an extension of any information in broader sense. Links help the user to get connected with extended information available on other website from the reading website directly without accessing it separately. Links are mainly of two types. Outbound Links that directly connects the readers with different websites and the other one is internal link that is mainly provided for extending information available on the other section of the open website.

Alogrithm: Alogrithm can be defined as calculation technique that is used differently by different search engines to assess that which website should be placed at top page by search engine results page. Algorithms are known as Algo are updated at regular intervals therefore it is necessary for every website to keep its websites among the top ratings by SEO companies.

Page rank: Page rank can be defined as the position assigned to every website by Google index depending upon the merit of websites relevance. There are various factors that are helpful in positioning any website at top page these include interlinks, site age and various others factors.

Besides these common terms there is vast information related with SEO that is required to be understood, but one thing is quite sure that information provided in this article will be quite helpful in broadening your knowledge about SEO.

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