How To Get Your Ranking Back After Google's Penguin Update

Google's penguin update has been a great force towards many websites since it has affected the ranking in the google search.Penguin update's main purpose is to improve and promote  high quality websites and also penalize on any spam content. There are different ways of getting back to the original ranking in the search engine which can be collectively used to aid in an effective and efficient changeover in the ranking.

 1.One can place a complaint to the feedback site of the google peguine update.In this case google can reset back your ranking if you are impacted by chance.

 2.Keep the link building going and use a verity of anchor texts. Include some generic words like "Click here" , "find out more " to keep the link building going.

 3.Since google had already announced that sites having less content above the fold can be triggered as less useful sites. So just take care on that part.

 4.Another factor that can help anyone to get his ranking back after google's penguin update is by confirming the external links to the site.You should remove any links that are involved in webspam that is the bad links.

 5.Penguin update has been structured to affect the use of excess links.Hence a solution to this is by reducing the amount of links built in a short span of time.

 6.The link business should be avoided in the way since the selling of links directly affects website's quality determination by google because one can buy links in order to get a page rank.

 7.Requesting google for reconsideration. This happens in a situation whereby google has given your site a penalty.This request is only done after one has corrected the penalized mistakes.

 8.By use of SEO tips,that is the webmaster rules and guidelines one can be able to raise his ranking in the results of google search.

 9.Another issue is that one should checkout whether his articles have been copied by other sites as once the penguin update detects this issue then your rank will automatically be affected. In conclusion, SEO stand for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION.It's used to make improvements on one's site however it can also bring a bad reputation into your site if not well managed.

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