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Hello and welcome to one more session on some interesting subject of discussion. If you remember in my one of my last blogs we had discussed myths arising with introduction of Penguin application by Google since its inception. It seems that this is going to be the latest subject of debate among the Internet user for few more months to come or until unless any new update is not introduced by Google, this debate seems to not come to an end.

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Good morning and big hello to readers, hope all you must be enjoying a relishing weekend with your family. Well let me add an additional flavor to your weekend by giving you some mental exercise so that after reading this article on Monday when you will start your new week my words will grab your attention on the subject.

Learning SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is commonly used term in Internet marketing during last few years and has emerged as an important tool for promoting your business to new heights. This has resulted in origin of various companies debuting in world of internet marketing with SEO knowledge and promoting them as leading SEO service providers. This article is particularly designed to enhance the SEO knowledge of the users who are new to this term.

How To Get Your Ranking Back After Google's Penguin Update

Google's penguin update has been a great force towards many websites since it has affected the ranking in the google search.Penguin update's main purpose is to improve and promote  high quality websites and also penalize on any spam content. There are different ways of getting back to the original ranking in the search engine which can be collectively used to aid in an effective and efficient changeover in the ranking.

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