How To Display Your Standalone Pages In Blogger

You must have huge list of various important pages apart from you blog, these pages include your home page, informative page regarding you etc. Once you have created these pages in your blog, the question of concern is to compel readers go through these pages also. This you can do by also integrating necessary links by making necessary additions in your template that will directly divert your readers on those pages. These pages will be displayed in a series.

Add Buffer Button For Your Blogger Posts

From past sometime there have been question regarding benefits of integrating Buffer in tweets and Facebook to impress friends and followers on your posts on these social networking websites. In general terms buffer can be defined as storage capacity which is stores data while it is being retrieved through internet.  If you are aware regarding use of Buffer option, than you would have noticed that Buffer browser extensions are used for buffering links.Thus installation of browser extension is very helpful for planning buffer in your tweets and facebook. Now let us think about the feature which could enable you share your blogs with people who do not make use of browser extension or who do not prefer to make use of copy and paste feature on buffer dashboard. 

Import And Display Content From A External Feed In Blogger

Sometimes while composing a blog you may find some blogs which are of your interest and have some important information which would be helpful in enhancing relevance of your blog that you are composing currently. You can also recommend these sites to your readers through your blog.  Moreover you also can display any fresh information available on these sites to your readers. Similarly if you are a regular blog writer and want to refer any information of your previous blog in your current blog then you can also make its description, so as to enhance interest of your readers. The other option could be that you can provide list of your fresh blogs in your ongoing blog. In simple terms these sorts of additional information is known as an external content, which you can display in your blog through feed option. 

Add Pinterest Pin It Button For Your Blogger Posts

In current scenario social networking websites have emerged as the most liked place by every internet user. And with every passing day integration of new features is enhancing their relevance. The newly introduced feature in social networking websites is Pinterest. If you consider yourself as a person who goes according to time, then undoubtedly you must be aware of this term, anyhow if you are unaware of this term. Then in simple terms for your convenience I will describe as the method of sharing and managing images and videos which find interesting on cyber world.  This feature facilitates you to generate virtual  pinboards so that you can make separate categories of different items found on web. The elements uploaded on pinboards are known as pins as soon as you integrate on your pinboard.

How To Add An External Widget Or Codes To Blogger

As a webmaster you must be aware with the relevance of web widgets, which are helpful in creating your impression on your readers or can be used as an important tool for enhancing experience of visitors on your website. There are different types of widgets available in world of internet. These can be official widgets of any organization, social plugins that are available on various social networking websites, widgets available on online program etc. Apart from widgets there are various external code which you would like to integrate on your layout for instance promotions of different companies, photos, videos, links etc. As a general practice you have HTML code or Java Script code which could be integrated on your blog. Anyhow if you are working on blogger platform than you are unaware about the process of integrating them into your blog.

How To Embed External Content On Your Blogger Posts Or Pages

As a blog writer are you aware of the term “external content”. In simple terms external content refers to images, or links which are placed in between the text. Blogger platform facilitates you to assimilate these features in your blog. But in our today’s tutorial external content refers to integration of videos, common widgets, or different types of buttons etc. Are you interested to integrate such features in your blog? Even if you are not interested to integrate such features in your blog, but then also I will urge you to think a situation when you want to embed features like poll button or follow button between your content. Than how will you embed these features in your blog through post editor?

How To Edit Your Blogger Template

Are you satisfied with appearance of templates on your blog? Don’t you find it amazing that how various blog writers take care of different templates and widgets present on their blog and customize them according to their requirement? Nothing to worry, you can also do that, what is expected from you is that you should know what in real you want from your template. However, as you are aware that unlike other websites blogger is grounded on different markup languages. Moreover as you are also aware with HTML and different markup language, you may find it difficult to make changes according to your requirement. So now what you will do to make changes in your blogger template.

How To Add A Blogroll To Blogger

Before moving ahead in series of our tutorials let me define the subject of our tutorial for today, i.e., “Blogroll”. In simple terms blogroll refers to series of blogs which are recommended by others for your reference, they are mainly displayed in form of links. You would have also noticed blogroll on various blogs. As general practice if any blogger finds anything interesting in some blog he wishes to share that content with other bloggers and readers. Blogger has a widget which enables the blog writers to integrate that feature in their blog facilitating them to show off list of other blogs or by integrating links of those blogs manually. 

How To Disable Google+ Sharing Prompt In Blogger

Since the inception of Google+ in the universe of social networking website, Google began to mount Google+ on its various services. The worth mentioning benefit of this feature was that it enables you to get your friends on various Google services connected with you on Google+. This could be used a beneficial tool by blog writers for engaging their readers on Google+. As recent update introduced by Blogger, Blog writers may now assimilate Google+ feature in their blog.  If you are familiar with this facility than I am sure you must be enjoying the benefits offered by Google+. By making use of this feature you are provided with prefilled Google+ share box just after you have published blog on blogger. Anyway do you find this feature beneficial for you to use?

How To Add a Poll In Blogger

As blog writer you must be always interested to know views of your readers regarding what they feel about your content, are they satisfied from information provided by you, or disagree with your explanation. This practice is commonly known as reader feedback. In simple words reader feedback may be described as the process of retaining contact with readers. As a common practice normally blog writers make use of different methods for interacting with readers which includes integration of comment form, ratings (enabling them to rank your blog according to their assessment). Developing online communities (is new process of encouraging interaction with readers, in current scenario. Especially with emergence of social networking websites)or integration of feedback page are advanced form of establishing interaction with readers.

How To Align Blog Title And Description Header Texts In Blogger

In one of my tutorial I have explained that blogger facilitates you to customize blog title and blog description displayed on blog header through Template designer. But it suffers from few limitations and does not facilitate the blog writer to align text shown on the header. Therefore if you are facing this problem with your blog, then you can find its solution by making few editions in CSS styles available in template. This will help you in displaying header text according to alignment format determined by you. So now I start my tutorial focusing on how to align blog title and description header texts in blogger. Start following the steps mentioned below:

Show Related Content On Blogger With nRelate

What is your scheduled of writing a blog, is it once a month, twice month, once a week or twice in a fortnight? Whatever your scheduled is, your endeavor is to provide something new and interesting to the readers.  This means quality of your content is more important rather how many times you post your blog, because finally it is your content which grabs attention of readers.  And every day number of your readers increases and they are not interested to know about your previous blogs.Obviously you must be interested to find an answer to question that how you can increase traffic on your earlier posts.

How To Add Facebook Send Button For Blogger Posts

Writing a blog on current issues is the best way to express your views to masses and share your thoughts on that particular subject. The main objective of writing a blog is to grab attention of every reader and provide them an interesting text to enjoy. An interesting feature of a meaningful blog is that your readers, which may be either your known ones or your potential readers find this blog to share with their friends and known ones. If you are interested in exploring your blog to masses than social networking websites could provide you suitable platform to explore your blog. In this regard it would worth mentioning to take name of Facebook, which is considered as an authentic name to explore your thoughts in current scenario. Won’t you want to compel your readers that they share your posts with their friends before they close your blog.

How To Redirect Your Feed To Google FeedBurner

Publishing feed of their blogs is common practice followed by blog writers in current scenario. In simple terms feed is a process of exploring your blog for everyone other than regular readers and facilitates them with an option of subscribing for regular updates made in your blog. As a common practice a default feed enables the readers to subscribe for updates made in your blog. Well this is the common practice, but have you ever thought to dominate feed in your blog in more impressive way?

How To Add Search Description For Your Blog In Blogger

Writing a blog is not worthy until unless it does not leave any message to its readers. Your blog should be such that it not only grabs attention of readers but also compel your readers to share and recommend your blog with friends and relatives in their circle. It is because of this every blog contains a brief description of your blog revealing the readers to know what is the essence of your blog and defines the objective of writing a blog. As a general practice readers read your blog through references and are not interested to go through brief description about your blog. They are interested in reading your blog and if they find it interesting they will continue to read your blogs published at regular intervals. But there are some readers who search for specific blog through search engines. 

How To Add Google +1 Button In Blogger

Have you installed Google+1 button on your blog? If you have activated Blogger share buttons available in post footer of your blog, then you will notice Google +1 button followed by various other sharing buttons available at post footer. Due to its appearance on post footer you need not have to again activate it. But do you know what the major drawback of this feature is? Because of its appearance on post footer you cannot move it and display it according to your choice on your blog.  Because of its appearance in post footer it is quite possible that readers of your blog may not see your Google+ 1 button on your page.  However you can do it by working on template code. But now you need not have to even do that.

How To Add Share Buttons For Your Blogger Posts With ShareThis

Before writing a blog you conduct intensive research to provide meaningful article to your potential readers. But sometime there are some articles which are not yours but you would like to share information available on it by referring the name of original author. This is because of your interest on particular subject and sharing its full knowledge with your potential readers and with others.  This may be considered as the best way of exploring your blog with huge segment of readers.But have you ever thought to find some solution which enables your readers to explore your posts and articles with persons associated in their circle?

How To Add Google+ Share Button For Your Posts In Blogger

I am sure you must be well aware about the utility of Google +1 option. Anyhow if you are not familiar about its use then let me explain you in simple terms that this feature enables you to recommend your blog on the internet. In others words it is known as recommendation from +1. These recommendations are displayed to even researchers making search on Google search page. Have you installed Google +1 option in your blog while working on Blogger platform? But, if you are not familiar with use of Google+ 1 button then I would suggest you to read Add Google+ 1 Button for blogger post. By installing Google +1 button on your blog, apart from recommending your blog it also promotes your blog on Google+.  But what will you do if someone is interested to share your blog on Google+ rather than recommending it on Google+ 1.

Add Email Subscription Box On Your Website With Google FeedBurner

As a blog writer what process you adopt to stay in contact with your potential readers . With emergence of social networking websites namely Facebook, Twitter, Google+ you provide your readers the facility of getting connected with you by joining your forum. But still there are readers who wish to get information regarding latest update of your blog through news readers. For such readers you can adhere the feature of subscription through feeds. However still there are some readers who wish to get information regarding update of your blog through email. So how you are going to meet their requirement of receiving information regarding update of your blog?

How To Add Search Descriptions For Your Posts In Blogger

To increase traffic on your blog, you use various techniques to optimize your website so as to meet requirements of Search Engine Optimization practices. Undoubtedly you adopt these practices to acquire top ranking in search engines result page. With an objective of facilitating blog writers Google has introduced a new weapon named as authorship feature which facilitates them to explore their blogs in search results shown by Google. On the other side Blogger suffered from any such feature which may help blog writers to get through SEO benefits for instance determining page or post descriptions in the list of results displayed by search engines.

How To Display Labels Of Your Posts In Blogger

As a blog writer are you familiar with labeling or categorizing of your blog. Whenever any new blog writer starts writing blogs he does not understand the relevance of categorizing or labeling his blog. But as number of his blogs increases categorizing becomes necessary so that he can identify how many blogs he had written on any specific subject. However if a fresh blog writer starts this practice from the beginning it will never be difficult for him to determine category of different blogs composed by him. You may say that it may not be required to categorize or label blogs for readers looking for your blog through organic web search. Basically it is necessary for Search engine optimization, to categorize different blogs according to category.  

How To Add A Notification Bar To Your Website With Hello Bar

Today before starting my tutorial I would like to ask you a question. Tell me how do you inform your readers or visitors of your blog regarding any new information about your blog or website? Let us assume a situation that you have published a book on some specific subject and now you want to let your readers know about its availability. So how will you let them know about your book? Will you post a newsletter to them? Or make information regarding its availability of various social networking websites namely facebook, twitter, Google + or any other website. But now the question arises how will you inform the new visitors on your blog or website?  In this tutorial I shall be discussing the method of integrating a notification bar to Your Website with Hello Bar.

How To Add Contributors Or Authors To Your Blog In Blogger

As a blog writer there may be various reasons due to which you might be finding it difficult to post your blogs on regular basis. Whereas it is possible that there would be some writers who must be interested to post their blog on your blog column. In such situation it would be better to provide them an opportunity of posting their blogs on your blog. This will enable you to get connected with your potential readers but it will also provide fresh and interesting content to your readers. Other option is to get other writers engaged with you and develop your personal blog team. After which they will write a blog for you without disclosing their name in front of your potential readers. But do you know how to add contributors or authors to your blog in blogger.

Add Floating Vertical Share Bar For Blogger Posts With ShareThis

I am sure all of you must be familiar with features offered by various social networking websites, apart from providing you an option of getting linked with person with whom you have never meet. An interesting feature offered by these websites is sharing anything liked by you with friends of your circle. In this process any information shared by you with other friends is shared by them with their friends and so on. The same feature is available when you write a blog. Because if your readers find something interesting in your blog then they would like to share your content with others.

How To Configure Your FeedBurner Settings

Before starting our tutorial for today let me ask you question regarding your proficiency of blog writing and how much you are aware about features that can be integrated in your blog, which are helpful in enhancing its relevance.  In these features, Feed is a feature which is automatically published by Blogger for any new blog published on Blogger platform. The feed feature enables the irregular readers of your blog to read blog through other sources.  By subscribing for feed of your blog, the readers do not require visiting your site on regular basis, and they are informed directly regarding any new update on your blog at their email address. This feature is carried out by making use of services provided by FeedBurner. But are you aware about excellent array of features offered by FeedBurner.

How To Create A Blogger Feed Using Google FeedBurner

As a blog writer you must be aware of the term “Feed” which is a process of providing your blog to the readers who do not read your blogs on regular basis. As general practice Feed is published automatically by Blogger whenever any new blog is published on it. But now the question arises that does this practice has any relevance? Or do you know the way of using this feature? Normally the segment of irregular readers or readers of Feed subscribe for receiving any new updates on your blog through the website from which they read your blog and do not subscribe on your website to receive the updates related with blog. 

How To Change Post Date Header Format In Blogger

As you all are aware of the fact that Blogger provides free platform to bloggers throughout the world to share their thoughts with others. It also facilitates you to make changes in the settings that suits best to your blog. If you have tried to customize template of your blog, one variant would have definitely grabbed your attention i.e., post date header. This variant reveals the date when your post was published. Have you ever tried to customize this variant of your blog. My tutorial for today focuses on the process of change post date header format in blogger. Normally post date header is displayed as shown below in your blog.

How To Add Google+ Followers Gadget In Blogger

I am sure you will agree with me that in current scenario having an account on social networking website has become the latest trend among all segments of Internet user. The trend of getting registration with these websites increased rapidly since the introduction Facebook, which occupies a leading place in world of these social websites. Following the same trend, in 2011 Google also introduced a social networking website Google+ to grab attention of Internet users throughout the world.

Translate Your Blog Into Different Languages With Google Translate In Blogger

Depending upon preferred language of your potential readers every blog writer tries to write blogs, but the problem arises when the blog author is not familiar with language spoken by the readers. In that situation blog writers write blog in their native language which may be French, German or English etc. But it is not necessary that your potential readers are familiar with your language. In that case you need to make use of translating your blog.

How to Enable Mobile Version of Your Blog in Blogger

Do you know how do readers read your blog? As a general practice everyone visits particular internet browser on his system click for particular URL of your blog. Or being a regular reader of your blog they would either subscribed for the regular updates of your blog either through informative email or via your blog feed, which enables the readers to get updated information in your blog. But with technical advancement of communication technology people have now started using their mobile device for browsing purpose.

How To Stop Redirecting Your Blog Into Country Specific URL

Normally as general practice Google redirects every search made on it to country’s specific URL for instance if you insert from India than you will be directly automatic to  Following the same trend Blogger also adopts the same process of redirecting your blog URL to country’s specific URL.

How To Register Google Adsense Through Blogger

Apart from satisfying hobby of writing blogs on current subject, blogging is emerging as source of money making from last few years.  Blog writers who write qualitative blog and whose blogs grabs more traffic, avoiding spams are considered suitable to receive an adsense account.  I am sure now you must be keen to know about adsense account. An answer to this is by registering via Blogger. My this tutorial will concentrate on process of How to register google adsense account through Blogger. But before you get approval from team of adsense account I would suggest you to abide terms and conditions determined by Google Adsense Program Policy.  Now let me start your tutorial with steps mentioned below:

How To Redirect Blogger Error 404 (Page Not Found) To Home Page

As a blog writer you must be aware of the fact whenever any blog reader clicks on a URL which does not exist on your blog, Blogger displays an error message revealing Error 404 (Page Not Found) shown at the top of area for blog post. The message shown below is displayed on their screen:

Adding a Table To A Post Without Coding

Sometimes your blog has supportive statistical data which you would like to share with your readers, for this you need to make a tabular presentation of data. But unfortunately Blogger post editor does not support the facility of creating table in your blog. For integrating supportive table of your blog you not only have to make table manually but you should have knowledge of necessary HTML tags required for creating table. On the basis of my personal experience I would suggest you make use of Windows Live Writer as your post editor. The major feature offered by Windows Live Writer is that it provides you facility of determining (HTML) Headings, hyperlink attributes settings, image attribute settings, pushbutton table insertion and auto pinging. The use of WLW will enable you with feature of Adding a Table to A Post Without Coding.

Embedding A YouTube Video On Your Blog

As a blog writer you must be aware regarding relevance of inserting supportive photos for the text written by you, because photos reveal more than words and facilitates readers to understand the message conveyed by you in easier sense. But now making use of advanced technology you have facility of Embedding a youtube video on your Blog to share with readers. YouTube is premier online video providing website that has videos based on different subjects. You just have to copy its URL and paste it on the place where you want to place your supportive video.

How To Set Up Who Can Read Your Blog In Blogger

Do you want write blog for specific segment of readers and do not want others to read your blog then I am sure this tutorial is going to meet your demands. In general blogs are written for everyone to read but there are some blogs which are written for specific segment of readers and you do not want others to access it. This tutorial focuses on methods of Who Can Read Your Blog In Blogger. This is something like retaining your privacy.

Add Facebook “Like” Box Beneath Your Blogger Posts

During recent years Facebook has dynamically made its entrance in life of every person especially among the youth Internet users. The craze towards Facebook can be witnessed from the fact that a person not having a Facebook account is considered as an out dated person who does not run according to time. An interesting feature of Facebook is that it facilitates the registered users to share their interesting likes with their other friends. Going through this benefit of Facebook, blog writers have started integrating a designer Facebook “Like” box at the bottom of their blog enabling them to share some interesting post (s) with their friends.

Easy Post Summaries And Thumbnails For Blogger Blogs – No JavaScript Required

In our today’s tutorial we shall be discussing the process of integrating post summaries and thumbnails for blogs based on Blogger platform without  making use of JavaScript. By following three steps you succeed your mission. So without wasting more time in developing foreword for this tutorial let me start explaining these three steps:

An official “Follow by Email” Gadget For Blogger

As a blog writer you must be aware of the fact that your regular blog readers are always keen to know about the updates made in your blog. To know about these updates they prefer to receive an email regarding the new updates introduced by you in your blog (instead of subscribing for RSS feed which provides information regarding updates being introduced in websites to subscribed members. This is the most common feature integrated by various blog writers and websites). Now moving ahead on this subject experts An official “Follow by Email” Gadget For Blogger. This feature enables the blog writers to offer a simple process of subscribing for regular updates to their regular readers. These updates are directly posted in the mail box of their readers. As soon as any update is made by the author all the readers subscribed for receiving updates are notified regarding the new updates.

Redirecting From To Country Specific Domains

According to cyber laws prevailing in different countries, Bloggers have started directing blogs posted on on the domains hosted by their particular country (ccTLDs).For instance if you are posting a blog on as resident of United Kingdom than your blog will be directed to *  This will enable Blogger to censor any content which it feels effects interests of any specific country. Let me illustrate this you with an example, assume you are blogger from United Kingdom, and the government of United Kingdom has asked you to remove a stuff of content from your blog. After this the removed content will not be available for readers in United Kingdom, but readers of other country may be able to read it.

Uploading A Custom Favicon To Blogger

With an objective of enhancing its feature, during June last year, enabled blog writers associated with Blogger to replace the default icon of Blogger with their liked icon, i.e favicon. In the beginning, only those favicons which were converted in .ico formt could be uploaded, but now any square shaped favicon if it is in .png.gif or .jpg format could be uploaded with its size not exceeding more  than 100 kb.

How Do I Find A Blog On Blogspot?

There are various blogging services and social networks which enables the visitors to make use of keywords or tag for sites and users hosted by them. For instance visitors visiting Tumblr are free to search for posts tagged “Blogspot” or visit and search for posts tagged with Google. But unfortunately blogger lack this feature to search for posts or blogs hosted on it. In this tutorial we shall be discussing the process of find a blog on blogspot.

How To Create A Contact Form For Blogger By Using Kontactr

Are you aware regarding the importance of integrating contact form into your blog, which facilitates your visitors to contact with you and post their comments about your blog. Another interesting feature of integrating contact form is that your email address is not disclosed to anyone. This is helpful in protecting your email address from spammers.  On the basis of my personal experience I consider Kontactr as a best tool for integrating contact form for websites based on blogger platform.

Create A Contact Form With Google Docs?

In simple terms a contact form can be defined as a best way to get connected with your readers which facilitates them to get connected with you and post their comments regarding what they feel about your blog. An interesting feature of contact form is that it is helpful in increasing fame of your blog, which can be witnessed from comments received on your blog.  Therefore I decided to create a contact form for blog by making use of Google Docs. For this instead of following any lengthy procedure I decided to work on some simple process which is easy to understand and easy to perform. Let me now start this tutorial.

How To Control The Attribution Gadget When Using The Template Designer

While working on new template from Blogger you would have noticed a widget named as “Attribution” that is placed at the bottom of your website. This widget carries various information like details of template designer, “Powered by Blogger” statement, and information regarding images that have been integrated in your blog with help of template designer. Moving ahead you are also facilitated to provide information regarding copyright in this gadget by making editions in Layout pages of your dashboard, however by default you are not in position to make any change in its position or eliminate it.

Even More Fonts For Blogger With Google Web Fonts

A properly designed blog followed by a meaningful content grabs attention of every reader and therefore every blogger tries to design his post in an impressive way. The blogger template designer provides you the facility of enhancing design of your blogs with stylish fonts. This section of blogger is supported by Google Web Fonts and offers wide range of font styles to meet requirement of different types of blog.  However if you do not find any font suitable according to requirement of your blog you need not have to lose your heart because Google provides you more than 500 fonts free of cost for you to utilize. These fonts can be used according to requirement of your blogger template by integrating few codes in your template. In the paragraphs discussed below we shall be discussing the method of using Google Web Font in blogger template.

Smooth Scrolling To Anchor Links On Page With Blogger

I hope you would have also realized the relevance of integrating links while writing lengthy blogs. Because links integrated in blog facilitates the readers to instantly move on the significant section of the page. Let us for instance talk about the most commonly used link integrated in blog (s) i.e., “Comments” clicking on which enables the reader to quickly move on the comment section of blog to post their comments regarding that blog. In simple terms it can be said that links facilitates the readers to have an instant look on those section which they have skipped while reading the article.

Create Custom Permalinks for Blogger Posts

Recently I have come to know about an interesting feature about Blogger i.e., facility of creating custom permalinks for blogger blogs. As a blog writer you must be aware of the fact the normally the URL of post for the item page is based on the title of your post. However by generating a custom URL you are in position of creating different structures which are helpful placing your post on top ranks of different search engines result pages.

Add a Facebook Invite Friends Link To Your Blogger Site

During last one decade Internet has emerged as a dynamic platform for making new friends through social networking websites. This has resulted in uniting people of different regions at one place beyond the geographical boundaries. An interesting feature of these social networking websites is that they provide you the facility of sharing any information liked by you with friends in your circle who are connected with you through these social websites. Going through benefits of sharing information with friends, various blog writers have started integrating feature of inviting friends from social networking websites to get linked with you and enjoy the blog suggested by you.  

How To Tell If A Website Is Powered By Blogger

Although we are facilitated with flexibility of customizing display of our blogs and make use of custom domains but it is difficult to find that whether website is powered by Blogger or not. After intensive search over more than hundreds of websites for Blogspot, I have found the techniques of identifying that whether website is developed on Blogger platform or not. Today we shall be discussing the methods of finding such websites.

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