How To Write A Powerful Lead Paragraph For Your Press Release


The lead must compel the viewer to keep reading because “First impression is the last impression” this slogan perfectly fits when it comes to writing the lead. If you are failed in grabbing the attention and interest of readers in the opening paragraph then your whole work will become full wastage of time and efforts. Your whole work depends on the powerful lead paragraph. So, you should focus on making the lead very informative and attractive then the rest will automatically fall into place. Here are few ways through which you can write the best possible lead for your press release submission :

1.     Make your lead paragraph like summary: You should present your lead paragraph in the way of summary of whole story. You don’t have to put all the details into it. If you do so; then it will become monotonous for the readers because these all details will be given in the PR also. Your lead paragraph should contain information which can be able to clear the questions like who; what; where; when; how and above all why this PR is beneficial for the readers. Your lead must create the curiosity in the readers.

2.   Avoid Jargons: Make your lead very meaningful. Avoid using slangs and latest buzzwords. You have to take care of vocabulary for the lead and don’t use such words like ‘unique’, ‘innovate’ etc, because they sound so clichéd. Nowadays PR leads are full of such slangs which leave a bad impression on the viewers.

3.  The essence of story: Show the main purpose of your whole story in the lead; like what is your story about that makes it interesting and worth reading. It’s all about your news story’s hook. But only your announcement for the new story is not enough. First you have to make it newsworthy.

4.     Keep it simple and short: You don’t have to use unnecessary words to make the lead lengthy. Your lead should be short and more importantly it should be point to point. You should include only relevant details which can be grasped easily and quickly by the reader. Don’t make it difficult to understand that the heart of story can not be sorted out among the plenty of sceptical words.

5.     Make it Different: Your lead should be very unique. It should present the perfect example of creativity and originality. To make it different from those dozens of press releases with the same PRs; one must know to write in own style. Don’t be the part of crowd otherwise your lead will be neglected. You have to step out of the box to make your lead exclusive.

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