How To Optimize Your Videos

  •  Add URL to the video – The main objective of video creation is to provide the viewer sufficient time to browse through via your site. So you have to be sure that your video features a complete URL of your website. This has to be stay for long as half a minute before the last slide of the video gone fade.  
  • ·Video Title: Include Keywords - Put your key phrase at the start of the subject for your video. You can incorporate your search phrases towards the end of your video headline too. You have to make sure that you are aiming for extremely targeted key phrases. By optimizing your video for certain search term; you will get ranked with in the ‘video – sharing’ website itself.

  •  Include your website in the description: the main aim of video is to get the traffic to your website. Thus for the maximum traffic, add your website’s complete URL at the start of the video description.

  • Video description: include keywords - Google doesn’t list the text that appears with in your video itself so you have to add your keyword items with in the description of the video. You should incorporate your primary key phrases and several variations of your primary keywords. Therefore your video is all about what you add in its heading and description.

  • ·         Include a Video “Resource Box” - In the end of the articles everybody uses its website link and offer a call to action by saying that for more information “click here”. It gives the assurance that the readers will get the optimum solution of their problem by clicking on the link and by visiting to your website. Exactly the same concept applies to online video marketing. For this you need to add a very clear call to action which instructs the viewer to visit your website for more information.

  •   Give your videos some link juice - You can drop a few quick links to your video URL itself. This technique is not used by many marketers. Therefore it doesn’t need a whole lot of efforts to make this more complex to win over other marketers. You can add a few easy back links at your video by using optimized primary keyword anchor text. By this it will give a boost to the video’s rankings in the search engine.

  •  Use video tags - Various video websites allow you to tag the video with some related tags. So you should use this facility to incorporate your major keywords and relevant key terms as illustrative tags.

  •  Brand your videos - You can put “watermark” in your video. This is commonly a URL linking back to your site which looks like a small visible text at the bottom of the video. It shows that the video is related with your site and completely owned by you. It’s a free of charge marketing of your website in case anyone borrows your video. As this watermark makes visible your website’s link through the entire video.”Camtasia” offers the watermarking function for your video.

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