Five Unique Ways to Let Yahoo Answers Drive Traffic For You

Yahoo answer is a ‘community driven knowledge market’ website where people find the solution of their questions. It basically aims at providing the most optimum answer for the different queries. But do you know this can help you in driving the traffic on your site or blog too? Well yes! It is the easiest and cheapest way to get traffic on your website.  Although, It’s not popular source like others but It can really help you in getting your target audience. It is one of the tools which are used for the reputation management of your blog or site. I have used this source and I got the positive results. So here I am describing 5 ways through which you can drive the traffic by using yahoo answers , Lets Get Yahoo Answers.

Choose a suitable category:
First you can choose a most appropriate category for giving the answer as there are so many categories available in the yahoo answers. You should choose a category which is relevant for your site or blog’ theme. This will be helpful for developing the niche for your site or blog and will also help you to get your target audience.

Give the link with your answer:
Don’t forget to give the link of your blog or site with your answer. You can convince the readers to click on your site URL by providing informative stuff and Give the link in the ‘source box’ with the answer because there will be chance of becoming the spammer  If the viewers find your answer and link as spam they won’t vote for the best answer and your answer may be removed entirely.

Be the ‘top contributor’:
The most relevant answer is chosen as the ‘best answer’ by the asker of the question. The best answer gets the points from the yahoo answers. For best answer you will get 10 points and for answering any question you get 2 points. These points decide the top contributor. Once you become the top contributor; people will more trust you and they will search for your other answers thus it will ultimately help you in getting the traffic for your website or blog.

Do some research and give your best:
Your aim should be delivering the quality information to get the ‘best answer’ tag. For this you have to go above and beyond what is expected from you. Do research and explore more to make the answer most relevant and appropriate. These efforts will make people to hit your site or blog for their other queries.

Your target location’s traffic:
If you want to focus on specific location’s traffic then you can utilise the services of ‘yahoo answers international’. They have different sites for different countries so you can try answering in those sites which comes in your target location. If you are dealing in any specific location then this will help you more.

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