Linkwheel : Some Insight

"A linkwheel can be defined as a set of articles which are combined in such a way that makes a wheel-like formation. In this way, all the articles are linked to particular website. For instance if a marketer wants to add and link four articles in his website so that each one of them has an individual web 2.0 property, then article one will link with article two, article two with article three and the article three with the article four with article one. In this way, all the articles will then get linked to the website."

The purpose of a link wheel strategy is that it will help to get links which can be added to the website and then the ranking of the website can improve in the search engine. But a marketer should only two types of link wheels as beyond that the position of his website will get improved in the search engine. Secondly, he should use other systems as well to create and add links to his website. 

How a linkwheel is formed:

First a person needs to begin with Squidoo lens which is web 2.0 property. Then he should create a website in relation to the content or the article he has and then establish a link to the website. After this, he should develop a webpage on the Hubpages which will link the article on the website. Here, a person has got the choice either to keep the link wheel open or keep it closed. Then, a person can add other characteristics to the link wheel to expand its dimension and this can be done through a Blogger or a Google knol. If the marketer is creating many link wheels then he should change the sequence of them and their method. This is necessary as or else they may not be recognized and the listings of the website will not get better on a search engine.

Therefore, the use of a link wheel strategy is really important has it will increase the position of the website and make the website be appear on the search engine many times.

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